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Minutes of the Faculty Senate
January 10, 2001

Meeting called to order with a quorum at 7 PM.

Present: M. Aiken, A. Ajootian, B. Barkdoll, L. Bombelli, J. Bradley, L. Bush, W. Y. Chen, W. Cleland, A. Cooper, C. Cunningham, S. Davis, K. Dellinger, C. Eagles, R. Ethridge, A. Fisher-Wirth, J. Ford, L. Foulkes-Levy, G. Herrera, I. Labuda, F. Laurenzo, P. Malone, A. Mark, J. Martin, K. McKee, D. Nagal, R. Oliphant-Ingham, R. Riggs, R. Robinson, D. Rock, C. Ross, W. Steel, K. Swinden, M. Tew, D. Wilkins, S. Wolcott

Absent: D. Chessen*, P. Cooker*, J. Czarnetzky, H. Gaycken., R. Haws, E. M. Kolassa, G. Miller, J. Reid*, C. Taylor, T. Verlangieri, M. Zarzeski
*Prior notification

Reports & Announcement
Summary of past and upcoming Faculty Senate issues: Immediate Past Chair Tew.
Post-Tenure Review Document went before the Academic Council. Quite a bit of discussion about it: was the first time the Academic Council had seen the document, even though the Senate had submitted it in Sept. 2000. The Council asked that there be a conference committee formed between the Senate and the Council of Academic Administrators to work out the differences the two may have with the document.

No announcements from Search Committees.

Old Business:
The minutes of the December 2000 meeting were approved.

New Business:
Election of Officers
Senator Tew presided over the election of a new Chair.
Larry Bush nominated by John Bradley/2nd by Ann Fisher-Wirth for Chair.
At this time Senator Bush stated he had no objections to the nomination but informed the Senate of his involvement with living wage campaign, and his inability to be present from June-August.
Karen Raber nominated; retired from the Senate.
Phil Malone nominated; he withdrew his name.
Senator Larry Bush elected to Chair of the Faculty Senate by acclamation.

Senator Bush presided for the duration of the meeting.

Alice Cooper nominated by Ann Fisher-Wirth /2nd by Robbie Ethridge for Vice Chair.
Duties of the Vice Chair outlined: calling the Elections Committee together, warnings to those with excessive absences, conducting the meetings when the Chair is unable to attend.
Phil Malone and Milam Aiken nominate; both withdrew.
Senator Cooper elected to Vice Chair of the Faculty Senate by acclamation

Amy E. Mark nominated by Warren Steel/2nd Ann Fisher-Wirth for Secretary/Treasure.
Senator Mark elected to Office of Secretary/Treasurer by acclamation.

Committee Elections
Caucus by Senate Committees to elect committee chairs.
Academic Affairs: Ann Fisher-Wirth
Academic Support Services: Jeanette Martin
Faculty Governance: Fred Laurenzo
University Services: Dawn Wilkins
Finance: David Rock

Caucus by Schools and Liberal Arts Groups to elect chairs
for the Election Committee, and the Committee on Committees.
Committee on Committees: Marilyn Zarzeski
Elections Committee: Charles Taylor
Committee on Committee: Phil Malone
Elections Committee: Milam Aiken
Committee on Committees: Rosemary Oliphant-Ingham
Elections Committee: Debbie Chessen
Committee on Committees: Conrad Cunningham
Elections Committee: Brian Barkdoll
Committee on Committees: John Czarnetzky
Elections Committee: John Bradley
Committee on Committees: Gail Herrera
Elections Committee: Amy E. Mark
Liberal Arts I
Committee on Committees: James Reid
Elections Committee: James Reid
Liberal Arts II
Committee on Committees: Warren Steel
Elections Committee: Aileen Ajootian
Liberal Arts III
Committee on Committees: Robert Haws
Elections Committee: Kirsten Dellinger
Committee on Committees: Tony Verlangieri
Elections Committee: Mick Kolassa

Chairman Bush announced the results of the committee elections.
Meeting adjourned at 8:00 PM