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Minutes of the Faculty Senate
February 8, 2001

Meeting called to order with a quorum at 7 PM.

Present: M. Aiken, B. Barkdoll, L. Bombelli, J. Bradley, L. Bush, W. Y. Chen, W. Cleland, A. Cooper, C. Cunningham, K. Dellinger, C. Eagles, R. Ethridge, A. Fisher-Wirth, J. Ford, L. Foulkes-Levy, R. Haws, G. Herrera, F. Laurenzo, A. Mark, J. Martin, K. McKee, D. Nagal, R. Oliphant-Ingham, J. Reid, R. Riggs, D. Rock, W. Steel, K. Swinden, C. Taylor, M. Tew, T. Verlangieri, D. Wilkins, S. Wolcott, M. Zarzeski

Absent: A. Ajootian, *D. Chessen, *P. Cooker, *J. Czarnetzky, S. Davis, H. Gaycken., E. M. Kolassa, *I. Labuda, P. Malone, G. Miller, *R. Robinson, C. Ross
*Prior notification

I. Reports & Announcement
A. Briefing on the State of the State's Budget
, Dr. Andy Mullins, Executive Assistant to the Chancellor
B. Proposal by students for a Fall Break 2001 during Thanksgiving week--referred to Academic Support Committee.
C. Ad hoc Racial Task Force is being replaced by a standing committee; Chancellor has requested names of four faculty members to serve.
Please direct your suggestions to Chairman Bush as early as possible. Recommendations for this committee do not have to be members of the Faculty Senate.
D. University Services Committee will be reviewing and correcting Senate Bylaws and Constitution errors on the Senate's website. The University Services Committee is also developing a friendly reminder to University Standing Committees regarding their responsibilities.

II. Old Business:
A. The minutes of the January 11, 2001 meeting were approved.
B. Appointments
1. Post-Tenure Review Policy: an ad hoc conference committee composed of Deans and Senators Fisher-Wirth, Tew, and Bradley is being created by the Provost to review the existing policy.
2. Tenure and Promotion Review Committee: Sheila Skemp resigned; replaced by Chiarella Esposito for this semester only.
C. Election of Vice Chair of Faculty Senate
Bob Haws nominated by J. Martin, seconded by A. Fisher-Wirth
Charles Taylor moved that Senator Haws be elected by acclamation, seconded by Fred Laurenzo
Senator Robert Haws elected Vice Chair of Faculty Senate by acclamation.
D. Election of Faculty Senate representative for the Intercollegiate Athletics Committee

Kirsten Dellinger nominated; she withdrew her name.
Walter Cleland nominated; he withdrew his name.
Laurenzo nominated by Charles Taylor, seconded by Bob Haws
John Bradley moved that Senator Laurenzo be elected by acclamation, seconded by Charles Taylor
Senator Laurenzo elected as a Faculty Senate representative to the Intercollegiate Athletics Committee by acclamation.
E. Selection of dates and times for March and May Faculty Senate Meeting
Announcement of an Extraordinary Meeting on March 15, 2001, 7PM
Announcement of an Extraordinary Meeting on May 10, 2001, 7PM
F. Proposed Resolution by the Executive Committee
The following resolution, as presented by the Executive Committee, was approved unanimously:
"The Faculty Senate of the University of Mississippi endorses the rally organized by the faculty at the University of Southern Mississippi, to be held at the State Capitol on February 27, 2001, to express faculty concerns on a variety of higher education issues--budget, financial, funding--currently confronting public higher education in Mississippi. The Faculty Senate encourages members of the University in Mississippi faculty whose schedules permit to attend and participate in this rally and to contact Larry Bush, Chair of the Faculty Senate, for further information."
G. Caucus by standing committees, followed by meeting of Elections Committee After Senate Meeting

Meeting officially adjourned at 8:30PM.