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Minutes of the Meeting of the Senate of the Faculty
February 10, 2005 @ 4:45 PM

Thad Cochran Research Center ( Natural Products Center ), Room 2066

Meeting called to order with a quorum at 4:51p.m.

 Present: Edmund Acevedo, Robert Albritton, Tony Ammeter, Janice Bounds, Alice Cooper, Walter Davis, Ray Fulton, Greg Johnson, Ivo Kamps, Mark Lewis, Diane Marting, Chris McCurdy, Milorad Novicevic, Daniel O’Sullivan, Scott Owens, Elizabeth Payne, Sidney Rowland, Laura Sheppardson, Elizabeth Stephan, Joe Sumrall, Nancy Wicker, Kathleen Wickham, Kristine Willett, John Winkle, Alexander Yakovlev, Fan Yang, 

Absent:  Judith Cassidy, Conrad Cunningham, Donna Davis, Tristan Denley, Rick Elam, Garey Fox*, Matthew Hall, Jamie Harker, Jeffrey Jackson, Fred Laurenzo*, Jennifer Mizenko, Michael Repka*, Bill Scott*, Paul Secunda, Warren Steel, Dan Subramanian, Mary Thurlkill, Joe Urgo*, Randy Wadkins, Michael Waterstone, Charles West, Haidong Wu*

* Prior Notification

I.          Old Business

A. Minutes of the January 20, 2005 meeting

Change Willett to having prior notification

Ray Fulton listed under Business and Education – should be Education only

Senator Rowland motioned to approve minutes

Senator Wicker seconded

Motion passed without dissent


II.        Guest Speaker

A. Chancellor Khayat- “State of the University Address”

University “Task Force” reports expected to be released 1st of March

One of our goals – Faculty here and across country say Ole Miss is a great public University

Avoid distractions of budget concerns – stay focused on our progress

Research funding at UM has increased dramatically

Good time for our faculty work with Office of Research on perusing grants/proposals

Auxiliary services increasing improvements: housing, dining, bookstore

Tuition is very competitive and low, comparatively

College Board proposal – increase tuition annually according to specific measurements

We are prepared for budget restrictions – we anticipated the state’s budget problems

Faculty charge – sensitivity to enrollment needs, having great expectations of students, thoughtful with research activities, be good managers/be efficient with our resources

Nursing 4-year program on campus beginning in the Fall

B. Senate Discussion with Chancellor (“*” indicates Senator topic, “-“ indicates Chancellor’s response)

*Achieving balance in quality students and instruction

-Ayers case; availability of higher education to the general public; reality of Mississippi statistics

*Instructor pay increase

-Current trend at other universities is to contract with faculty members rather than traditional tenure track

*Are we monitoring the stressing points?

-Faculty student ratio; about 100 additional faculty needed desperately

*Interpretation of background checks by human resources

-has been eliminated; some faculty positions are sensitive

III.       New Business


Scheduling of Senate Meeting

Dates & Times

Proposed dates:  January 20, February 10, March 10, April 14, May 12 @ 4:45 pm

B. Announcements

University Community Forumadministration’s preference is to not have one this year

C. Caucus of the Senate Sub-Committees to elect chairs of the Academic Affairs, Academic Support, University Services, Finance, and Faculty Governance committees. (*elected as chair)

The General Academic Affairs Committee

The Academic Support Committee

The University Services Committee

The Financial Committee

The Faculty Governance Committee

Garey Fox

Bob Albritton

Dan O’Sullivan

Kathleen Wickham

Jan Bounds *

William Scott III

Alexander Yakovlev

Walter Davis

Victoria Bush


Ray Fulton

Mary Thurlkill

Dan Subramanian

Diane Marting

Elizabeth Stephan *

Laura Sheppardson 

Tony Ammeter

Fred Laurenzo

Mark Lewis


Haidong Wu

Sidney Rowland

Randy Wadkins (AS)

Greg Johnson*

Jeff Jackson

Scott Owens

Tristan Denley

Milorad Novicevic


Christopher McCurdy Jamie Harker

Michael Repka

Paul Secunda

Alice Cooper

F. Yang

Nancy Wicker*

Rick Elam

Judith Cassidy


Conrad Cunningham

Kristie Willett

Joe Urgo *

Elizabeth Payne

Michael Waterstone

Donna Davis

Ivan Kamps

Jennifer Mizenko

John Winkle


D. Issues to Sub-Committees

1) Senate Chair Sumrall proposes a printed form for tracking Faculty Senate issues (No committee assignment)

2) Emergency after 5:00 pm technology number (Academic Support Committee)

3) Faux Pine Straw (University Services Committee)

4) Non-Residency fee for spouses (Faculty Governance Committee)

5) Administrative review (Academic Affairs Committee)

6) Time limitation for guest speakers (No committee assignment)

Senator Fulton made a motion to adjourn the meeting

Senator Rowland seconded

Meeting adjourned at 5:53 pm