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Minutes for the Meetminutes_20050200ing of the Senate of the Faculty
March 10, 2005 4:45 PM

Thad Cochran Research Center ( Natural Products Center), Room 2066

Meeting called to order with a quorum at 4:52

 Present: Robert Albritton, Tony Ammeter, Janice Bounds, Alice Cooper, Walter Davis, Donna Davis, Garey Fox, Ray Fulton, Jamie Harker, Jeffrey Jackson, Greg Johnson, Ivo Kamps, Fred Laurenzo, Mark Lewis, Diane Marting, K.B. Melear, Milorad Novicevic, Scott Owens, Laura Sheppardson, Elizabeth Stephan, Dan Subramanian, Joe Sumrall, Mary Thurlkill, Joe Urgo, Nancy Wicker, Haidong Wu, Alexander Yakovlev, Fan Yang

Absent:  Judith Cassidy, Laurie Cozad, Conrad Cunningham, Tristan Denley, Rick Elam, Matthew Hall, Chris McCurdy, Jennifer Mizenko, Daniel O’Sullivan*, Elizabeth Payne, Michael Repka*, Sidney Rowland*, Bill Scott*, Paul Secunda, Warren Steel, Randy Wadkins*, Michael Waterstone, Charles West, Kathleen Wickham*, Kristine Willett*, John Winkle, 

* Prior Notification

I. Old Business
A. Minutes
of the February 10, 2005 https://www.olemiss.edu/orgs/facultyulty_senate/final/MinFeb2005.htm

Several senators were counted absent by mistake. Senator Sumrall requested that senators make sure they complete the sign in sheet since it is used to officially determine attendance.

Senator Fulton motioned

Senator Marting Seconded

Motion passed

II.  Current committee assignments- *=committee chair

The General Academic Affairs Committee

The Academic Support Committee

The University Services Committee

The Financial Committee

The Faculty Governance Committee

Garey Fox

Bob Albritton

Dan O’Sullivan

Kathleen Wickham

Jan Bounds *

William Scott III

Alexander Yakovlev

Walter Davis

Victoria Bush


Ray Fulton

Mary Thurlkill

Dan Subramanian

Diane Marting

Elizabeth Stephan *

Laura Sheppardson

Tony Ammeter

Fred Laurenzo

Mark Lewis


Haidong Wu

Sidney Rowland

Randy Wadkins

Greg Johnson *

Jeff Jackson

Scott Owens

Tristan Denley

Milorad Novicevic

Kerry Mealer


Christopher McCurdy

Jamie Harker

Michael Repka

Paul Secunda

Alice Cooper

F. Yang

Nancy Wicker*

Rick Elam

Judith Cassidy


Conrad Cunningham

Kristie Willett

Joe Urgo *

Elizabeth Payne

Michael Waterstone

Donna Davis

Ivan Kamps

Jennifer Mizenko

John Winkle


III. New Business

A. Post Tenure Review Change of Wording (Dr. Eftink Letter)


"If the subsequent review again yields an unsatisfactory rating (and this rating is upheld on appeal, for which see below), the matter shall be forwarded to the Office of the Provost for further appropriate action."


"This action may include reassignment of the individual to a non-faculty position within the University or to initiate existing procedures for the termination of tenured faculty for just cause."

The General Academic Affairs Committee Report- Chair Bounds

The senate consensus was to let the General Academic Affairs Committee continue its work on this issue.

B. Call for Elections for University Standing Committees- Dr. Chris McCurdy

C. Sub-Committee Reports

a)       Academic Support- Chair Stephan: Still working

b)      University Services Committee- Chair Johnson

·        Pine straw – is a trial run, looking at pros/cons, submitted list of concerns to head of landscaping, letter to attorney making aware of possible liability

c)       Faculty Governance- Chair Urgo

d)       General Academic Affairs- Chair Bounds

·         The Faculty Senate makes a motion for Administrators undergoing 4-year review be required to submit resume outlining their accomplishments over the past four years to the Faculty Senate Chair no later than two weeks prior to review deadline for posting on the Faculty Senate website

Motion passed unanimously

e) Financial Committee- Chair Wicker

IV. Other Business?

Form to keep up with issues for committees to review; changes needed to be made? Will be used by the chair

Senator Marting: Discussion of standing committees; committees never meeting; could something be done about this issue.

After much discussion Chair Sumrall agreed to submit the issue to the Faculty Governance Committee that is Chaired by Senator Urgo.

V. Motion for Adjournment

Senator Davis Motion

Senator Johnson Second

Motion passed without descent