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HelloSign is the university's choice of e-signature services, allowing people to sign documents digitally. Integration is available with documents in cloud services like Box, Google Drive, and MS OneDrive. With HelloSign, people can sign forms, contracts, approvals, etc., all without having to print and route paper copies of those documents.

Training is available through the HelloSign Getting Started Guide, as well as through the HelloSign Customer Success Manager who has been assigned to work with the University. To schedule a team training session with HelloSign, please email our HelloSign CSM at ikeogamba@dropbox.com.

HelloSign Teams

Multiple users can be set up to use the same templates and documents. To set up a team, email sap@olemiss.edu with the department name along with the name and email of the person who will be the team administrator. Team administrators can manage settings, permissions, and documents stored in HelloSign. New team members can be added by emailing ikeogamba@dropbox.com with the email addresses of new team members. New team member requests that are submitted before 10am CST Monday – Fridays (excluding holidays) are expected to be completed by close of business the same day. Otherwise, please allow 24 hours for team members to be added to the team space.

If you receive an email inviting you to join a HelloSign team, you may follow the instructions included in that email. If this will be your first time using HelloSign, you will be led through some of the steps described in the "One-time Setup Process" section below.

One-time Setup Process

Step 1:

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Go to olemiss.edu/hellosign and sign into your WebID account.

Step 2:

invitation message

A brief message appears saying that you have been sent an invitation. It is okay to close this browser window.

Step 3:

email with link

Check your email and follow the blue "Visit HelloSign" link.

Step 4:

screen with link

Create your account by clicking the blue "Sign up and join team" button and entering your WebID credentials again.

Step 5:

Sign Documents screen

You'll arrive at the Sign Documents screen. Click the X in the top left corner to go to the main HelloSign page.

Step 6:

main screen

From the main page, you'll be able to access all the functions of HelloSign.