ITA Journal Audio/Video Reviews: Forms and Information for Reviewers

For your convenience, I have created this page as a means of making these materials readily available to all of you without the use of endless mailings and e-mail attachments. This list should include all such materials you might need from me - if you need other materials from me please let me know. All of these forms are in PDF format.

ITA Audio/Video Review Guidelines (updated January 2016)

Sample Review

Author Release Form

Please note the changes in the guidelines; this information has been altered only slightly to reflect the recent practice of submitting reviews and forms via e-mail, eliminating all "snail mailing" except that of the CD (and Author Release Form, if you don't have a scanner available). Please review the submission deadlines indicated in the guidelines, and try to adhere to them as closely as possible.

Again, THANK YOU for your diligent (and often underappreciated) hard work in ensuring the continued success of this column.