Celebrating 50 Years in Isshin-ryu(pdf)

by Cherry Douglas


Commemorating Tatsuo's 91,9,19,1999

by A.J. Advincula

A.J. Advincula's 40 Years in Isshin-ryu

by Cherry Douglas


A Tribute to Sherman Harrill

by A.J. Advincula


Sanchin from a Western Medicine Perspective

by M. Lawson


And The Dragon (TATSUO) Flew Into The Heavens

by A.J. Advincula


Katagwa - The Combat Proven Kata

by David L. Knight


ROBERT SAFREED - Okinawa Remembered

by Don Griffiths


The Isshin-Ryu System--The Story of Tatsuo Shimabuku

by Barry Steinburg, Bob Ozman and Steve Armstrong


The Okinawan Tuifa

by Robert Safreed


The Naming of Isshin-ryu

by A.J. Advincula