Welcome to the Ole Miss Karate Club


When & where do we meet?

Monday and Wednesday from 6:00 to 7:30.

At the Excersie Room inside the South Residential College. (link)

What do we do?

We study Isshin-ryū Karate. Basics, Kata, Self-Defense, various weapons training, and an Anual Seminar with A.J. Advincula

Contact info:

Current Lead Instructor: Cherry Watkins cherry@olemiss.edu

Current President: Trent Harmon dtharmon@go.olemiss.edu

Webmaster: Henry Chiang hchiang@go.olemiss.edu

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The Ole Miss Karate Club was founded in 1975 in the fall semester by Mr. Bob Nance and Tony Giardina. The club has been located in various places on campus; the education school gynmasium, a classroom in the Turner Center (it was fun moving the desks around to practice kata), the gymnastics room in the Turner Center, the first aid room in the Turner Center and our current location in the multipurpose room in the Residential College. Over the years we have evolved into a club whose members don't particularly want to participate in tournaments (although, in past years we have produced several state champions in both kata and sparring), rather, we train to improve our health and increase our awareness of self-defense. Our "dojo" is our laboratory where we experiment with our ideas.


Trent Harmon- President

Scott Watkins - Head Instructor

Ron Parker - Instructor

Cherry Watkins- Advisor

Arsenio Advincula - Technical & Historical Advisor