Ryu Kon Kai


Iha Kotaro Sensei was born February 12, 1939. In 1958, he started his martial arts training under famed Shorinryu Karate teacher Chibana Choshin. In high school, Iha Sensei had an interest in the combative arts and joined a local Judo club. His success was limited because of his small stature. After graduation from high school, Iha Sensei decided to study Karate, feeling that this would give him the advantage in a fight. He soon found out that larger students also had an advantage over smaller practitioners in Karate. These events then led Iha Sensei to Kobudo, especially the Bo, where he knew that weapons, particularly the length of the Bo, would give him an advantage. In 1974, Iha Sensei opened his first Kodubo Dojo at his own house in Gushikawa, Okinawa. In 1981, he founded the RyuKyu Kobudo RyuKonKai and was appointed it's President.



Ryu Kon Kai Kata

  • Fukyu Bo
  • Sushi Nu Kun
  • Choun Nu Kun
  • Sakugawa Nu Kun
  • Chiken (Tsuken) Nu Kun
  • Shirotaro Nu Kun
  • Chiken (Tsuken) Nu Eku
  • Nicho Sai
  • Ishikagwa Nu Sai
  • Toma Nu Tuifa
  • Ishikagwa Nu Kama
  • Fukyu Nunchaku
  • RyoKonKai Tekko
  • SanSentsu Kun Jutsu