April 30, 2005

US Navy Lt. Gonzalez (BS, May 1998), with Dr. Cheng (left) and Dr. Donald Cole (right), presented ITE lecture

April 7, 2005

Mr. Donald Jackson (left) of US DOT Federal Highway Administration presented ITE lecture on value engineering

March 17, 2005

Visiting Mackenzie University, São Paulo, Brazil, (from Left): João Merighi, Waheed Uddin, Rita Fortes, Manasses Claudino Fonteles (Rector), Roque Theophilo Junior (Dean of Engineering)
February 1, 2005

Dr. Uddin (right) with Dr. Ali Awadh Al-Amoudi (Environmental Advisor, UAE Federal Environment Agency), 2005 Environment Conference, 29 January-2 February 2005, at Emirates Palace hotel and conference center in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE)

June 10 , 2003

(L to R) Dr. Uddin, Engr. Eduardo Ricci (President, ABPv), Dr. Rita Fortes and Dr. João Merighi (Mackenzie University, São Paulo), 2003 International Airports Conference, 8-11 June, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

July 30, 2001

Dean Lee (right) receiving award from Dr. Ray Brown (left) of Auburn University and Dr. Uddin (center) after the welcome adddress at 2nd International Pavement Symposium in Auburn, Alabama.

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