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Welcome to the Center for Advanced Infrastructure Technology. As the Director of CAIT, I am pleased to share with you highlights of many significant innovative research studies funded by federal agencies, state organizations, and industry conducted by the Center since it has been founded. I invite you to browse through the Center's mission with focus on environmental sustainability and security of infrastructure, on-line information and dissemination of research accomplishments at conferences and learned society journals, international collaborations, support to the University of Mississippi students and international visiting scholars, and contributions to local communities. Please contact me if you need more info on research projects, published reports, and papers.

Professor Waheed Uddin, Director CAIT                    CAIT Flyer

Modeling & Simulation

Vehicle Impact simulation and Crashworthiness Analysis of Roadside Guardrail, December 1997. (FHWA University Crashworthiness Simulation Center at Ole Miss, 1994-1998)

Sustainable Transportation

Innovative Transit Technologies for Planet Forward’s Program on Innovations in Sustainability: The video link is contributed by Ms. Meredith Fuller who was a journalism senior at the University of Mississippi, December 2011.

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