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The primary mission of the Center is to develop and implement advanced computer simulations and remote sensing technologies for building longer lasting airfield pavements and intermodal facilities, monitoring and preserving the transportation infrastructure, and developing cost-effective procedures for improving anti-terrorism readiness, mobility through assessment and airfield suitability analysis, and security evaluations for troop and personnel deployment during emergency, humanitarian and war operations.  The center will conduct research to find reliable and cost-effective solutions to the stated mission which has national importance.

The center will accomplish the mission primarily by conducting research on projects of national significance in the areas of  transportation infrastructure and national security using advanced computer simulations, airborne laser mapping and spaceborne satellite imagery.  Advanced computer simulation projects are focused on building reliable and longer lasting airfields, highways and intermodal facilities.  Other projects develop innovative applications of remote sensing technologies for preserving the health of the nation's transportation infrastructure assets and ensuring security against terrorism.

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