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U.S. DOT - Research and Innovative Technology Administration (RITA) awards $3.5 million grant for "The National Center for Intermodal Transportation for Economic Competitiveness (NCITEC)". CAIT partnered with Mississippi State University led University Consortium for NCITEC, 2012-2013; Additional $3.4 million grant to NCITEC, 2013-2016.

$4.6 Million Geospatial Software gift, being implemented by CAIT's Transportation Modeling & Visualization Labortaory, August 7, 2009....News, 08/28/2009

Seminar on “Lessons learned from the 2011 Thailand Flood Disaster and Future Directions for Flood Prevention and Mitigation”
Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand   
December 21, 2011
The panel of speakers included: AIT President Prof. Said Irandoust, AIT alumnus and University of Mississippi Professor, Dr. Waheed Uddin (LIDAR expert from U.S.) and Mr. Chawalit Chantararat (water expert from TEAM Group) along with Dr. Masahiko Nagai (Geoinformatic Center at AIT) and Mr. Swarup Roy (ASEAN Affairs)....  "Airborne LIDAR Remote Sensing and Geospatial Technologies for Flood Disaster Prevention and Infrastructure Planning" was the lecture topic of Professor Waheed Uddin.  More...

CAIT Doctoral student receives Eisenhower Transportation Graduate Fellowship  
UM News Desk (Dr. Uddin is on left.)
May 04, 2006     More...
An award of spaceborne remote sensigng data from Canadian Space Agency/USGS/NASA for 2005 Hurricane Katrina's devastated areas of Gulfport-Mississippi and new Orleans helped in successful completion of Bikila's doctoral dissertation research under the guidance of Dr. Waheed Uddin. The researchers developed a new geospatial methodology based on pre- and post-disaster multispectral satellite iamgeries using Intergraph's GeoMedia Pro for ground surface classification and hurricane/flood damage assessment.

Experts say levee system needs improvement 
Height of some New Orleans levees shorter than necessary
The Daily Mississippian
October 03, 2005
The recently rebuilt levee along the Industrial Canal is seen beyond rubble of a broken floodwall in the lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans. The Army Corps of Engineers pumped much of the remaining floodwater out of New Orleans last Saturday as tens of thousands of citizens returned home for the first time in weeks. 

Mississippi near top of roadway death rankings
Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal   
October 8, 2004
Mississippi has topped a national list, but this ranking is not something Gov. Haley Barbour is proud of. According to a recent CNN/ study of traffic related fatalities, in Mississippi ranks second - followed only by Wyoming... Two lane roads are where most fatal accidents happen," said Waheed Uddin, director of the University of Mississippi's Center for Advanced Infrastructure Technology. "There are no paved shoulders and often a small drop. A 6-inch drop can make you loose control."  More...

Ole Miss professor improving state highways
Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal   
September 13, 2004
OXFORD - It has been quite a journey for an Ole Miss professor who started his education in his native Pakistan and now works to improve Mississippi highways.
After getting a master's degree in Thailand and a doctorate from the University of Texas at Austin, and after working as a pavement expert for the United Nations, Waheed Uddin moved to Oxford from Maryland with his family in 1993. More...

Programa Ajuda A Disseminar Novas Tecnologias
IPIRANGA Asphalt, page 4
May-June 2003 Brazil                       
Brasil está bem avançado em termos de tecnologia, apresentando aplicações e misturas iguais às que vemos na Europa ou Estados Unidos. O problema é que essa tecnologia está, na maioria das vezes, restrita aos laboratórios. Ainda não vemos por aqui muitas ruas e rodovias com o que temos de mais novo em termos de pavimentação. More...

Oxford, University Cooperate in Transportation Enhancement Project
University of Mississippi Newsdesk
UNIVERSITY, Miss. -- National publications -- including Fortune Magazine, National Geographic Traveler and USA Today -- have told tourists and retirees that Oxford, Miss., is a desirable destination with labels like: sophisticated little Oxford, one of America's most charming towns and villages, and a thriving new South arts mecca. More...

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