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Dr. Uddin has published over 235 papers, discussions, and reports:
  4 books (Public Infrastructure Asset Management-2013, Infrastructure Management in English-1997, Japanese-2001 and Chinese-2005)
  2 handbook chapter (Highway Engineering, Pearson-CRC, 2006; Climate Change Mitigation, Springer, 2012)
  38 peer reviewed papers in refereed journals
  14 discussions in refereed journals
  79 peer reviewed papers in refereed conference books
  41 papers in other conference proceedings
  57 research reports for funding agencies
   1 The National Academies Report, ACRP Research Results Digest 10: Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR)
       Deployment for Airport Obstruction Surveys, 2010
  Edited one conference proceedings and Contributed to 2 ASCE manuals
  Author of 19 short course/workshop lecture notebooks and many consulting reports

Serves as the chief editor of refereed journal, International Journal of Pavements, ISSN 1676-277, since 2002.
Serves on the editorial board of refereed journals, Structural Longevity - Tech Sciences, and, International Journal of Roads and Airports, since 2009.

Selected Publications (Primary author underlined) Complete list of publications and presentations..

“Airborne Laser Survey Specifications and Quality Management Protocols for Airport Obstruction Surveys,” Transportation Research Record 2214, Journal of Transportation Research Board, 2011, pp. 117-125. (Waheed Uddin, Bill Gutelius, and Christopher Parrish)

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“Pavement Construction Effects on Subgrade Resilient Modulus and Validation By 3D-FE Simulation,” IJRMPD - International Journal of Road Materials and Pavement Design, Volume 5, No. 3, 2004, pp. 355-371. (Waheed Uddin and Sergio Garza)

“Crashworthiness Analysis and Simulations of Vehicles Impacting a Roadside Guardrail,” CMES: Computer Modeling in Engineering & Sciences, Tech Sciences Journal, Volume 5, No. 3, 2004, pp. 269-278. (Waheed Uddin)

“Viscoelastic Characterization of Polymer-Modified Asphalt Binder of Pavement Applications,” Applied Rheology Journal, Volume 13, No. 4, 2003, pp. 191-199. (Waheed Uddin)

“Application of Remote Sensing Tunable Laser Technology for Measuring Transportation Related Air Pollution,” Proceedings, 7th International Conference on Advanced Technology in Transportation, American Society of Civil Engineers, Cambridge, MA, USA, August 5-7, 2002, pp. 257-265. (Waheed Uddin)

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(Waheed Uddin, R.M. Hackett, A. Joseph, Z. Pan and A.B. Crawley).

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