The University of Mississippi

Resources for Teachers & Adults Working with Young Children

The Two-Bite Club

Read-aloud booklet for preschoolers

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Grow it -- Try it -- Like It

Kit Pre-K – food & gardening concepts, lesson plans, video, activities

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Nibbles for Health: Nutrition Newsletters for Parents of Preschoolers

Kit providing 4 Sharing Session (lesson plans): 40+ individual topic newsletters for parents

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MyPyramid for Preschoolers

Webpages 68 pages on of guidance, parent hand-outs, poster, WIC Fact Sheets, Flyers

MyPyramid for Kids

3 lesson plans for grades K, 1-3; Anatomy of MyPyramid, mini posters

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MyPyramid Blast Off Online Game for Kids

Online game teaches basics of making food choices using MyPyramid guidance

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Eat Smart Play Hard Campaign

Lesson Plans and Materials 2 lesson plans for children at 2 age ranges: 4 & 5, 11-12 years: Coloring sheets, stickers, placemats, posters, web site, parent information

1) Eat Smart Activity Sheets 2)Eat Smart Materials