Internet2 Logo Internet2 provides a national backbone network connecting research universities and institutions, including the University of Mississippi (UM). This high performance network supports researchers having bandwidth requirements that cannot easily be met through commodity Internet. The nationally recognized research programs and the number of prominent federal and state research agencies/institutions located on the UM campus require access to high performance networking connections. The original Internet2 connection at UM was supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation, CISE Advanced Networking Infrastructure Program (ANI # 9975948).

Mississippi Optical Network

Internet2 Mission Map In January 2012 the Mississippi Optical Network, MissiON, was formed to give the Mississippi Research Consortium and its member institutions a next generation high-speed network. MissiON operates under the authority of the Mississippi Institutions of Higher Learning and is managed by AT&T. Current participants include the University of Mississippi, Mississippi State University, University of Southern Mississippi, and Jackson State University; the University of Mississippi Medical Center; the Mississippi Department of Information Technology Services; the Engineer Research and Development Center; and the Stennis Space Center.

In July 2012, a new Internet2 connector site was established in Jackson, MS, providing a direct connection from MissiON to Internet2.

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