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Although a writing center has existed for many years, its functions and responsibilities will be greatly expanded under the Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP). What is currently called the “writing center” will be transformed from a small, co-curricular service unit into a robust and multidimensional academic unit known as the Center for Writing and Rhetoric. This transformation will occur in stages and will be complete by fall 2013. By that time, the reorganized and expanded unit will have absorbed responsibility for the following programs and services already in existence:

  • Courses in freshman writing (currently offered by the English department)
  • Tutoring services for student writers (currently offered by the writing center)
  • Course in basic writing (currently offered by the Developmental Studies Office)
  • Support for the teaching of writing (currently offered to English graduate instructors and adjuncts by the Department of English; not currently offered to the faculty at large)

This reorganization will create a central home for “all things writing” at the university, facilitating the efficient use of QEP resources and the longitudinal alignment of writing instruction. The director of the CWR, along with his or her staff, will be empowered to lead the university in a broader discussion of writing issues, to promote the QEP’s desired student learning outcomes, to coordinate the delivery of an aligned freshman writing program and to launch future writing initiatives.

The CWR will be housed in the College of Liberal Arts; the director of the CWR will report directly to the dean.

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