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Thunderstorm electricity is the main focus for the Atmospheric Physics Group.

View of a storm from Langmuir Lab

We investigate atmospheric electricity problems primarily through observational methods.  In collaboration with scientists from other institutions and laboratories, we launch instrumented balloons into storms.

Members of the Atmospheric Physics Group at the University of Mississippi:
    Dr. Thomas C. Marshall   Professor, Department of Physics & Astronomy
    Dr. Maribeth Stolzenburg   Research Associate Professor, Department of Physics & Astronomy
    Dr. W. David Rust   Adjunct Professor, Department of Physics & Astronomy; Scientist & Chief of
          Mesoscale Research and Applications Division, NOAA/ERL/ National Severe Storms Laboratory

Contact Information:

US & Express Mail Address:
 Dept of Physics & Astronomy 
 University of Mississippi 
 Lewis Hall, Rm 108 
 University, MS 38677-1848
Telephone numbers:
 Marshall - (662) 915-5325
 Stolzenburg - (662) 915-5252
 Rust - (405) 366-0404
E-mail addresses:
 marshall <at>
 mstolzen <at>
 Dave.Rust <at> 

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