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Langmuir Lab, 1999, Photo Gallery
(Page 4, part a)
  The photos on this page were taken by Astrid Giers, a visitor to the Lab from Germany.
Page 4 - July 25 launches.
This was our first true thunderstorm overhead during the season, and we successfully launched six balloons!
Team 1 exits with the first balloon, while Team 2 looks on.
(From the right: Vera, Kim, Kevin, Dave Rust, Lee, & Wes)


Both teams make final preparations to the third balloon.
Team 1 lines up for the third balloon launch.
The third balloon is launched.  Perfect!
Aaron handles the radio traffic from the hangar, while
Errol Korn (of NCAR) keeps track of the sonde data.
Team 2 prepares the fourth balloon.
The fourth balloon is away!

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