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Dr. Colin R. Jackson (Project coordinator, team leader, "Dr. J")

Microbial ecology, molecular analyses, ecosystem ecology, community ecology, microbiology

Email: cjackson@olemiss.edu



Anthony Rietl (Graduate student, M.S.)

Patterns in soil enzyme activity in relation to invasive species and environmental factors

Email: ajrietl@olemiss.edu






Dr. Janice Bossart, Southeastern Louisiana University

Dr. Charles Burandt, UM - Natural Products Center

Dr. Gary Ervin, Mississippi State University

Dr. Marge Holland, UM - Department of Biology - and Ph.D. student, Rani Menon.

Dr. Clint Williford, UM - Department of Chemical Engineering

Dr. Cathy Yule, Monash University Malaysia


Where are they now?

William Denney (Honors student, B.A. 2009) - Medical School (The University of Mississippi Medical Center)

Kaleb Page (Honors student, B.A. 2009) - Dental School (School of Dentistry, University of Alabama at Birmingham)

Hannah Mennefee (Honors student, B.A. 2009) -

Kurt Smart (Graduate student, M.S. 2008) - Ph.D. program (Iowa State University)

Andrew Weeks (Honors student, B.S. 2008) - Medical School (The University of Mississippi Medical Center)

Ben Bevill (Undergraduate researcher, B.S. 2008) - Medical School (The University of Mississippi Medical Center)

Laura Becca Daily (Student researcher, 2007) - Medical School (University of Tennessee Health Science Center)

Scarlett Vallaire (Student researcher, B.S. 2007) - M.S. program (Utah State University)

Haley Echlin (Student researcher, B.S. 2007) - Ph.D. program (University of Alabama at Birmingham)

Angelle Vallaire (Graduate student, M.S. 2007) - U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (New Orleans, LA)

Roxanne Siegrist (Graduate student, M.S. 2006) - Dental School (School of Dental Medicine, Stony Brook University)


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