Resetarits Lab



William J. Resetarits, Jr.

Henry L. and Grace Doherty Chair in Freshwater Biology Research

Department of Biology
University of Mississippi
University, Mississippi 38677
Phone: (662) 915-5804
Fax (662) 915-6554


People - (and the lab fleet)


Ruric Bowman, PhD. student

I am interested in examining the interactions that occur between aquatic organisms as well as their environment. More specifically I am interested on impacts that humans impose on aquatic communities through habitat alteration (i.e. climate change, deforestation, polluting) as well as introduction of invasive species. Currently, I am still exploring research topics to narrow down my specific research question and begin developing a project.


Undergrads Brandon McDaniel, Rachel Kroeger and Zach Mitchell (l-r) helping Tyler and Jason (taking photo) collect pirate perch.

Some Lab Alumni

Dr. Matthew Pintar, PhD. and Post-doc: Post-doc, Trexler lab at Florida International University

Dr. Jason Bohenek: PhD. and Post-doc: STRIVE Lab at The Ohio State University

Alon Silberbush, PhD. (post doc): Assistant Professor, Department of Biology and Environment, University of Haifa - Oranim

Brandon McDaniel, UG Honors student

Sarah McNamara, MS: Research Assistant, USDA ARS, Oxford, MS

Kevin Potts, MS

Reed Scott, MS: PhD. student, Mosher Lab, University of Vermont

Tyler Breech, MS: PhD. student, Loxterman Lab, Idaho State University

Lauren Eveland, MS, Teaching Lab Manager, Rice University

Dave Chalcraft, PhD. Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Biology, East Carolina University

Chris Binckley, PhD.& post doc: Associate Professor, Arcadia University

Joe Rieger, MS, Deputy Director-Restoration, Elizabeth River Project

Emlyn Resetarits, Salamander catcher extraordinaire, chamaeleon spotter. Now chaser of diseased snails and Post-doctoral Fellow, Center for the Ecology and Evolution of Infectious Diseases, University of Georgia.

Tom Cooney, MS, Saint Louis Dept. of Health

Grant Connette, REU: PhD., University of Missouri, Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute

Will Webb, REU: MS, University of Michigan

Vanessa Ortiz, REU