Poromechanics-A Tribute to Maurice A. Biot

Proceedings of the First Biot Conference on Poromechanics, Louvain la Neuve, Belgium, 1998.

Edited by: Thimus, J.-F., Abousleiman, Y., Cheng, A.H.-D., Coussy, O., and Detournay, E.

Honorary Chairman

Organizing Committee

Scientific Committee

Local Committee:




Table of Contents


 Foreword                                                                                                                                                       XV


Organization                                                                                                                                                   XVII




Constitutive Modelling


Numerical study of geomaterials in the light of modern theories of porous media                                                 3

P. Arduino & E.J. Macari


Rocks as poroelastic composites                                                                                                                       11

J.G. Berryman


First-order phase transitions in porous media                                                                                                     17

J. Bluhm


Numerical simulation of postseismic deformation due to pore fluid diffusion                                                        23

W.J. Bosl & A. Nur


Biot’s model extensions – Approach by homogenization                                                                                    29

C. Boutin & J.L. Auriault


A micro-macro approach to the constitutive formulation of large strain poroelasticity                                          35

P. de Buhan, X. Chateau & L. Dormieux


On the poro-visco-elastic and damage coupling in nonsaturated porous media                                                    41

J. Carmeliet


A micromechanical approach to the behaviour of unsaturated porous media                                                       47

X. Chateau & L. Dormieux


A two-scale modelling of a swelling clay                                                                                                            53

O. Coussy, P. Dangla, L. Dormieux & E. Lemarchand


Non linear poroelasticy for unsaturated porous materials: An energy approach                                                   59

P. Dangla & O. Coussy


Consolidation of unsaturated soils – Identification of Biot’s coefficient                                                                65

P. Devillers, M.S. El Youssoufi & C. Saix


Constitutive modelling of micropolar porous media                                                                                            71

S. Diebels


Simulation of MMC-Infiltration processing                                                                                                        77

Th. Dopler, A. Modaressi, D. Aubry & V. Michaud


On differential stress in nonlinear hyperelastic porous solids                                                                                83

D. Elata


Wave-induced seabed response around pipelines with variable soil characteristics                                              87

D.S. Jeng


Thermodynamics of saturated and unsaturated soils                                                                                           93

L. Laloui, L. Vulliet & K. Hutter


Localization in an undrained hyperelastoplastic porous medium                                                                          99

R. Larsson, J. Larsson, K. Runesson & S. Sture


A constitutive model for swelling of compressible porous media                                                                         105

M.M. Molenaar, J.M. Huyghe & F.P.T. Baaijens


A generalized Biot’s model of non-isothermal consolidation of clays incorporating                                              111

physicochemical effects

M. Murad & J. Cushman


Secondary consolidation and creep of granular and swelling porous media derived                                             117

from microstructure

M. Murad, J.N. Guerreiro & A.D. Loula


The Biot model of interpenetrating continua and its role in geomechanics                                                            123

V.N. Nikolaevskiy


Partitioned solution procedure for integration of coupled diffusion problems                                                        129

J.H. Prevost


Spatial and material description of some processes in rigid and non-rigid saturated                                             135

and unsaturated soils

P.A.C. Raats


Constitutive modeling of fluid-saturated porous media with degrading elastic properties                                      141

E. Rizzi & B. Loret


Integrating micromechanics in modeling relaxation behavior of cohesive soils                                                      147

T.C. Sheahan & V.N. Kaliakin


Modelisation of solute transport in non saturated porous media                                                                          153

J. Sicard & I. Mathieu


Linear coupled analysis of desiccation shrinkage: Explicit and semi-explicit solutions                                           159

G. Thouvenin, A. Giraud, F. Homand & T. Lassabatère


Thermodynamic basis for the use of two independent stress state variables in unsaturated soil                             165


C.-F. Wei & K.K. Muraleetharan


Wave Propagation


Transmission of acoustical waves through an anisotropic porous plate                                                                173

A. Aknine, A. Moussatov, C. Ayrault, B. Castagnède & C. Depollier


Surface mode generation at porous interfaces by permanent and transient heterogeneous                                    179

plane waves                                                                         

R. Briers & O. Leroy


Experimental verification of wave propagation models for saturated media                                                          185

T.S. Butalia, W.E. Wolfe & B.A. Dreger


Biot’s theory and granular media                                                                                                                      191

N.P. Chotiros


Wave propagation in fractured porous media saturated by two immiscible fluids                                                 197

M.Y. Corapcioglu & K. Tuncay


Rayleigh-type surface wave in a fluid-saturated porous medium with a structure                                                  205

R. Dzięcielak


Wave propagation in multilayered poroelastic media                                                                                          211

G. Degrande, G. De Roeck, P. Van den Broeck & D. Smeulders


Processes of propagation and interaction of shock waves with obstacle in gas-saturated                                     217

porous media

A.A. Gubaidullin & D.N. Dudko


The features of linear wave propagation in fractured porous media                                                                     221

A.A. Gubaidullin & O.Yu. Kuchugurina


Acoustics of a poroelastic medium with low-constrast macroscopic ellipsoidal inclusions                                    227

B. Gurevich & A.P. Sadovnichaja


Asymptotic solutions of Biot’s equations                                                                                                            233

A. Hanyga


Linear oscillatory water wave propagating over soft poroelastic bed                                                                   239

P.C. Hsieh, L.H. Huang & T.W. Wang


Small strain elastic moduli of saturated and dry sands                                                                                         245

F.G. Huot & L. Vulliet


Wave propagation in saturated porous materials in Biot’s higher frequency range                                                253

M. Kaczmarek, J. Kochański & J. Kubik


Observation of air-borne and frame-borne waves through porous layers saturated by air                                    259

W. Lauriks, L. Kelders & J.F. Allard


Probing porous media with ultrasonic waves in different saturating gases                                                             265

P. Leclaire, W. Lauriks, L. Kelders & J.F. Allard


Pressure waves reflection at the interface between liquid and three-phase medium                                              271

V.E. Nakoryakov, V.E. Dontsov & B.G. Pokusaev


Elastic wave propagation in fluid-saturated porous media containing gas bubbles                                                277

V.E. Nakoryakov & V.V. Kuznetsov


Dispersion of acoustic waves in poroelastic media with azimuthal anisotropy                                                       283

J.O. Parra


Monitoring cement pastes setting using piezoelectric implants – Modelling using Biot’s                                        289


S. Pouyez & R. Hazebrouck


The theory of electroseismic wave phenomena                                                                                                   295

S.R. Pride


Estimating the permeability from fluid-injection induced seismic emission                                                             301

S.A. Shapiro, J.-J. Royer & P. Audigane


Ultrasonic experiments of wave reflection, propagation, and damping in poroelastic media                                  307

D.M.J. Smeulders & O. Kelder


Computational methods for scattering of plane waves in poroelastic media                                                         313

M. Stern & N.P. Chotiros


Seafloor sediment acoustics                                                                                                                              319

R.D. Stoll


Effect of loose boundaries on inhomogeneous Biot waves in layered media                                                         325

A.K. Vashisth


Poro-Diffusion Problems


Modeling two-phase fluid flow and rock deformation in fractured porous media                                                 333

M. Bai, F. Meng, J.-C Roegiers & Y.A. Abousleiman


A finite element formulation for the coupled hydro-mechanical behaviour of porous rock                                    339


F. Baldoni & A. Millard


Exact solutions for flow and deformation within finite poroelastic media                                                              345

S.I. Barry & G.N. Mercer


Pore compressibility in rocks                                                                                                                             351

P.A. Berge


Fractal representation of poromechanics involved in the consolidation process                                                    357

M.V.S. Bonala & L.N. Reddi


Numerical modelling of static and dynamic geomechanics problems using the                                                      363

generalised Biot formulation and comparison with centrifuge experiments

A.H.C. Chan & O.C. Zienkiewicz


Two-phase behaviour of a saturated strain softening soil                                                                                    371

A. Cividini & D. Sterpi


Thermo-hydro-mechanical coupling in clay barriers                                                                                            377

F.Collin, X.L. Li, R. Charlier & J.P. Radu


Modeling of chemo-mechanical coupled effects in halitic porous media                                                               385

Ph. Cosenza, M. Ghoreychi & K. Su


Bone fluid poroelasticity                                                                                                                                    391

S.C. Cowin


The axisymmetric Mandel-type problem                                                                                                            397

L. Cui & Y. Abousleiman


Blood flow in microvessels lined with a poroelastic wall layer                                                                             403

E.R. Damiano


A regulatory model for tissue differentiation using poroelastic theory                                                                   409

W.D. van Driel, R. Huiskes & P.J. Prendergast


Poroelastic mechanism of fault reactivation as a result of resevoir depletion                                                         415

L.N. Germanovich, R.A. Chanpura, L.M. Ring & A.G. Filippov


Models of stress effect on fluids and secondary oil migration in reservoirs                                                           421

H. Tong & D. Li


Fractal porous media theory versus the experiment: Finite element modelling of                                                  427

blood perfusion

J.M. Huyghe & W.J. Vankan


Theory of drying as an aspect of poromechanics                                                                                                433

S.J. Kowalski, G. Musielak & A. Rybicki


Analytical solutions for the undrained response of a poro-elasto-plastic medium                                                 439

around a cylindrical opening

V. Labiouse & A. Giraud


Deformable porous medium: Applications to soft biological tissues                                                                     445

S. Naili, C. Oddou & D. Geiger


A new problem of nonlinear filtration flows in fractured beds                                                                              451

V.S. Nustrov


Sanding prediction: Experimental results and numerical modeling                                                                        457

P. Papanastasiou, E.D. Nicholson, G. Goldsmith & J. Cook


Exact solution for poroelastic/plastic consolidation                                                                                             463

W.G. Pariseau


Coupled phenomena in subsidence modelling                                                                                                     469

A. Pellegrino & M. Brignoli


Cellular poroelasticity: A theoretical model for soft tissue mechanics                                                                   475

A. Pena, M.D. Bolton & J.D. Pickard


One-dimensional contaminant transport through a consolidating soil: Application                                                 481

to contaminant transport through a geocomposite liner

G.P. Peters & D.W. Smith


Hydromechanical coupling and basin tectonic compression                                                                                487

J.P. Radu, J.D. Barnichon & R. Charlier


Macroscopic modelling of gas flow through a fractured porous medium                                                              493

P. Royer & J.L. Auriault


A cavity expansion problem for a bi-modulus poroelastic medium                                                                      499

A.P.S. Selvadurai & A.T. Mahyari


Application of Biot’s dynamic equation to seismic liquefaction problem                                                              505

T. Shiomi, S. Tsukuni & O.C. Zienkiewicz


Theoretical modelling of load-induced fluid displacement in compact bone                                                          511

R. Steck, M.L. Knothe Tate, P. Niederer & E. Schneider


The thermal consolidation of Boom clay                                                                                                            517

N. Sultan, P. Delage & Y.J. Cui


Non-linear effects in poroelasticity                                                                                                                     525

A. Verruijt


Soil deformations around the piezocone using the coupled theory of mixtures                                                      531

G.Z. Voyiadjis, M.Y. Abu-Farsakh & M.T. Tumay


Parameter Indentification


Sample tests on the validation of the effective stress law for rock discontinuities                                                  539

Ö. Aydan


In-situ measurement of some thermoporoelastic parameters of a granite                                                             545

I. Berchenko, E. Detournay, N. Chandler, J. Martino & E. Kozak


On the use of deterministic models to characterize the failure process of rocks from

ultrasonic velocities                                                                                                                                           551

J.F. Couvreur & J.-F. Thimus


Determination of acoustic foams parameters for isotropic Biot model                                                                 557

N. Dauchez, E. Mariez, S. Sahraoui, A. Bardot & N. Atalla


Influence of rock porosity on the Biot’s coefficient                                                                                             561

D. Fabre & J. Gustkiewicz


Experimental compaction of clays and associated hydromechanical modelling                                                     567

I. Djéran-Maigre, M. Barbier & D. Grunberger


Compressibility of rocks with a special consideration given to pore pressure                                                       573

J. Gustkiewicz


Poroelastic effects during a laboratory transient pore pressure test                                                                      579

D.J. Hart & H.F. Wang                       


Liquefaction resistance of nearly saturated sand as correlated with longitudinal                                                    583

wave velocity

K. Ishihara, Y. Huang & H. Tsuchiya


Mechano-sorptive effect for water soaked wood                                                                                               587

M. Kowal


Biot modelling of unsaturated porous media and resaturation of clay barriers                                                      593

T. Lassabatère, C. Imbert & M.A. Etilé


Scale separation in diffusion/dispersion tests in porous media                                                                             599

J. Lewandowska & J.-L. Auriault                      


Experimental study of porous media deformations at cyclic load                                                                         605

V.M. Maximov & N.N. Mikhailov


Poromechanical modeling of expanded graphite gaskets                                                                                     609

E. Patron, O. Coussy, J.-C. Vignaud & O. Didry


Solid-fluid coupling phenomena in particulate media                                                                                           615

C. Santamarina, M. Fam, D. Fratta & G. Cascante


Theoretical and experimental investigation of poroelasticity in porous brittle                                                        621


J.F. Shao, M. Sibai & M.H. Karami


Complete set of anisotropic poroelastic moduli for Berea sandstone                                                                   629

T. Tokunaga, D.J. Hart & H.F. Wang


Study of the effective stress at failure                                                                                                                 635

O. Vincke, M.J. Boutéca, J.M. Piau & D. Fourmaintraux


Shock-tube measurements on water-saturated porous cylinders                                                                         641

C.J. Wisse, D.M.J. Smeulders & M.E.H. van Dongen


 Author Index                                                                                                                                                 647