the High Speed Aeroacoustics Group

Researchers in the Dynamics of Complex Flows

Nathan Murray

Senior Scientist and Director of AeroAcoustics Group

Marni Kendricks

Research Associate and Director of BASS Program

Stephen Perry

R&D Engineer

Kevin Kwas

R&D Engineer

Praveen Panickar

Senior Scientist

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Graduate Students

Past and Present

Our graduate researcher assitants often choose
to pursue degrees in Engineering Science, Physics, or Math.

Richa Mann 

Section Supervisor, Aerodynamics and Fluid Analysis - JHU APL
Ph.D. in Engineering Science with Aeroacoustics Emphasis - May 2006

Experimental Study of Transonic and Supersonic Jets

Jonathan Herlan

Non-Intrusive Diagnostics Research Scientist - CUBRC
Ph.D. in Physics - May 2021

Influences of Alumina Particles on Hydroxyl Macrostate Estimates in a High-Speed Reacting Flow

Greg Lyons 

Physical Scientist - DEVCOM Army Research Laboratory
Ph.D. in Engineering Science with Aeroacoustics Emphasis - May 2016

Statistical Scaling of Turbulent Surface Pressure in the Atmospheric Boundary Layer

Jacob Ogola

Graduate Research Assistant
Ph.D. in Engineering Science with Aeroacoustics Emphasis - 2025 anticipation

Aeroacoustics of Combustion Noise

Undergraduate Research

Undergraduates in STEM participate in Research Experience

Stephen is a senior from Virginia. He a student of the Center for Manufacturing Excellence and has been working with the HSAG R&D team.

Stephen Bartnett

Mechanical Engineering

Shawn is a senior from Orlando, FL. He has been involved in test setup lab work in jet aeroacoustics research with the HSAG engineering team.

Cre'Shawn Dabney

Mechanical Engineering

Zack is a sophomore from Roxie, Mississippi. He has joined the HSAG research team as a lab assistant involved in solid rocket motor fuel project work for acoustical analysis.

Zach Mann

Civil Engineering

Joseph is a senior from Oxford, MS. He is a student of the Center for Manufacturing Excellence and has been assisting the HSAG team on multiple research and development projects.

Joseph Robinson

Electrical Engineering

Macy is a freshman from Hattiesburg, MS. She is a tutor for the Math Dept as well as a new lab assistant for the HSAG engineering research team.

Macy Ruff

Chemical Engineering

Campbell is a senior from Eupora, Mississippi and has been an active team member of HSAG R&D team primarily involved in plasma research and its use as a hypersonic flow control system.

Campbell Vaughn

Electrical Engineering

Our Projects

Research involving turbulence interactions with fluid media and its boundaries

High-Speed Two-Phase Flows

Studying the dynamics of particle-laden high-speed flows.

Jet Noise Reduction

Developing novel approaches to thrust-efficient noise reduction for supersonic jet propulsion.


Studies on the aero-thermo-dynamics in excited and/or perturbed high-speed boundary layers.

Turbulence Dynamics in Transient Flows

Decomposition, analysis, and characterization of turbulence induced by shock-driven transients.

Shockwave Boundary-Layer Interaction

Dynamics of turbulence and shock interactions in high-speed boundary layers.


High-fidelity measurements and dynamical system analysis of aeroacoustic phenomenon.

the Facilities

Industrial-scale facilities in academic surroundings provide for nimble and responsive capabilities to study complex fluid phenomena ranging from sub-sonic to hyper-sonic.

Tri-Sonic Wind Tunnel

A 12"-by-12" blow-down wind tunnel facility capable of flows from Mach 0.3 to Mach 5.0. Optical access for non-intrusive diagnostics. Rapid air-system recharge allowing 4-6 runs/hour typical. Capable of supporting combusting flows, laser and aero-optical engagement, free-release separation testing, and powered inlet/nacelle configurations.

Anechoic Jet Laboratory

Gaseous propane or methane fuel jet test rig provides for continuous operation at total temperatures reaching 1000 K at Mach 1.5 for a nominal jet diameter of 2". Fully anechoic configuration for acoustic field measurements. Precision controlled traverse system for detailed investigation of flow phenomena with modern laser-based diagnostics.