"We Cannot Walk Alone:" Images and History of the African-American Community.
Lafayette County, Mississippi. An "Open Doors Exhibition." April through August 2003.

Families & Individuals






Arts & Crafts



Stella Mayes Alexander Family
Daniel Avant Sr.
Boles Family
Reverend Jessie Brown Family
Buford Family
Coleman Family-see Johnson Family
Nathaniel Cook Family
Harvey Cook Family
Correthers Family
Couch Family
Della R. Davidson
Fox Family
W.T. Houston Family
Ingram Family
Reverend James "Blind Jim" Ivy
Johnson Family
Harry M. Johnson, Sr.-see Johnson
John Wesley Johnson-see Burl Roberson
Reverend Wayne Johnson
Mrs. Susie Marshall
Martin Family

Mitchell Family
Belma Mitchell Family
Morgan Family
Frank Chalmers Neilson, Education
Owens Family
Penamon Family
W.R. Redmond, Jr.
Burl Roberson/ John Wesley Johnson
Roberts Family
Rogers Family
Taylor Family
Thompson Family
Nick Tyson Family
C.B. Webb
White Family
Wiley Family

Walter and Augustus Johnson. Undated. Photographer Unknown

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