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Minutes for the Meeting of the Senate of the Faculty

May 6, 2004 4:45 PM

Thad Cochran Research Center (Natural Products Center), Room 2066

Meeting called to order with a quorum at 5:12p.m.

Present: Edmund Acevedo, Milam Aiken, Robert Brown, John Bruce, Daisy Cheng, Alice Cooper, Laurie Cozad, Conrad Cunningham, Michelle Emanuel, Ray Fulton, Jamie Harker, Greg Johnson, Fred Laurenzo, Chris McCurdy, Rosemary Oliphant-Ingham, Elizabeth Payne, Michael Repka, Sidney Rowland, Joe Sumrall, Diane Tidwell, Joe Urgo, Randy Wadkins, Kristine Willett, Wu Haidong, Alexander Yakovlev

Absent:  Donna Adler, Bahram Alidaee, Victoria Bush*, Judith Cassidy, Gregg Davidson*, Tristan Denley, Rick Elam, Laurdella Foulkes-Levy, Garey Fox, Kris Gilliland, Matthew Hall, Charles Ingene, Ivo Kamps, Diane Marting*, Jennifer Mizenko, David Rock*, Bill Scott*, Laura Sheppardson, Warren Steel*, Mary Thurlkill, Charles West, Nancy Wicker*, Kathleen Wickham*, John Winkle*

* Prior Notification

I. Old Business

A. Minutes of the April 15, 2004

Senator Brown made a motion to accept the minutes.

Senator Bruce seconded.

Change to the minutes Senator Rowland was not present.

Minutes passed.

II. Reports from Committees

a. Faculty Senate Executive Committee: Chair, Ed Acevedo

Faculty and Staff Compensation Incentive Plan


Should the language in the document distinguish between grants and contracts.

State the mechanics of how it all works and who actually does the granting.

Senator Sumrall made a motion that we the Faculty Senate support the document, Extra and Supplemental Compensation Plan for Faculty and Staff, providing the details forthcoming.  Seconded by Senator Brown.

Motion passed without dissent.

b. Academic Support Services: Chair, Michelle Emanuel

Honor Code – It was suggested that “Ole Miss” be changes to The University of Mississippi throughout the document.

Senators discussed:  How will this be regulated? Should we have a task force work on this? Is the honor code different than the M-Book? Honor Code = student reporting another student? M-Book = faculty member reporting a student? Will the implementation procedures be feasible, fair and swift?

Senator Emanuel made a motion that the past faculty senate chair and the current chair meet to discuss the process and the task force and what motion was accepted in 2000, and change the context to fit 2004 and then pass it to the appropriate people. 

Senator Payne seconded.

Motion passed without dissent.

c. Faculty Governance: Chair, John Bruce

Background Check (Please review committee's report prior to discussion)

Committee recommends to the Senate that the Senate support a statement to the Administration to immediately stop using the background check policy that is currently in place.

Senator Laurenzo made a motion to endorse the committee’s recommendation and proceed with forwarding the documents to the Chancellor

Sumrall seconded.

Senator Sumrall called the questions.

Motion passed without dissent.

Instructor Policy-

Senator Wadkins made the motion that the executive committee would appoint at least one person from every school and college to participate on the Dean Hopkins instructor policy committee.  After finalization it would be brought back to the faculty senate for consideration.

Senator Fulton seconded the motion.

Motion passed without dissent.

d. Proposals by the ASB - Academic Affairs Committee

  1. Extending the Drop Date by 5 Class Day. The Senate was in general support of this proposal. More time to provide significant feedback to students was welcomed and an additional 5 days seems appropriate.
  1. Discouraging the Holding of Classes

ASB Proposal:  Students who fail to attend the first day of class will be automatically dropped; appeals must be received by the by the end of the second class session.

Faculty Senate Recommendation: Students who fail to attend the first day of class or make contact prior to will be automatically dropped; appeals must be received by the instructor in writing by the end of the second class session.

  1. Changing the Wording of the Withdrawal Policy.

    Currently: “extreme and unavoidable emergency”

ASB Proposal: “documented cases of serious illness, extreme hardship, or failure of the instructor to provide significant assessment of his/her performance”

Faculty Senate Recommendation: “documented cases of serious illness or extreme hardship”


Senator Bruce made the motion to accept the Faculty Senate recommendations to the ASB proposals.

Senator Sumrall seconded

Motion passed without dissent.

III. Meeting Dates for Fall 2004

September 9; October 14; November 11; December 9

Senator McCurdy made a motion to adjourn the meeting.

Senator Bruce seconded.

Motion passed without dissent.

Meeting adjourned at 6:45 pm