I welcome inquiries from persons interested in joining the lab as a graduate student or post-doctoral researcher. See below for more information, and contact me by email or phone if you have any questions.

Graduate students.  I am always interested in hearing from prospective graduate students who have a strong interest in the ecology and/or evolution of communities and interactions among species. All students interested in joining my lab as a graduate student should first read this page of advice. Prospective PhD students should have some specific ideas for research themes or topics, while prospective Masters students do not necessarily need to have specific ideas. In all cases, I expect to work collaboratively with you to develop your graduate research plan. Prospective PhD students should have substantial previous research experience, either as an undergraduate or through a Masters degree.  Funding for graduate education can come from three sources—teaching assistantships, research assistantships, and fellowships.  I sometimes have funding for graduate students through research assistantships (ask me); otherwise, funding for admitted graduate students is provided through teaching assistantships in the Department of Biology.  In addition, if you have specific ideas for research and a highly competitive academic record, I would be happy to consider helping you apply for outside fellowship funding, such as a Graduate Research Fellowship from the National Science Foundation (for USA citizens only), a Fulbright Fellowship (for most non-USA citizens), or an NSERC Postgraduate Scholarship (Canadian citizens only). Some additional options for funding and scholarships, and useful information, can be found here and here. Find more information about the graduate program in our department, including application instructions, within the Ole Miss Department of Biology website. International applicants should also read this page and this page.

Post-docs and Visiting Scientists.  If you are interested in joining the lab as a post-doctoral associate or visiting scientist, I would like to hear from you about potential areas of collaborative research.  I may occasionally have funding to support post-docs (ask me). If you have specific research ideas, I will also consider helping you apply for outside funding, including fellowships from the National Science Foundation (for USA citizens only), a Fulbright Fellowship (for non-USA citizens), or an NSERC Postdoctoral Fellowship (Canadian citizens only).

Living in Oxford.  The University of Mississippi is located in Oxford, Mississippi, about a 5-hour drive from the Gulf of Mexico, and about 1 hr and 15 minutes from Memphis, Tennessee.  Oxford is a charming small college town that offers a high quality of life for its residents.  Oxford and surrounding areas have a rich history and a long tradition in the arts, so there are plenty of opportunities for enjoying good music, literature, and the visual arts, much of which is centered around the historic courthouse square.  In addition, we have a nice selection of good restaurants, very little traffic, and lots of wild edible mushrooms!  For a bit more information about Oxford, see here. For a positive blurb about the University of Mississippi in a recent article published in the Chronicle of Higher Education, see here.

Jason Hoeksema (hoeksema[at]olemiss.edu)