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Bootcamp Mentors 2012

Ethan Ethan Collier (Mentor 2012-2014): Ethan graduated in 2015 and is in Medical School at UMMC in Jackson, MS. Ethan's advice to freshman: "keep an open mind and never be afraid to pursue your true interests."



Marcus Marcus Daniels (Mentor 2012): Marcus graduated in 2015 and is in medical school at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland. His advice to freshman is: "keep your focus and aim for daily growth. Everyday is a new opportunity to be a better you! Prioritize what is important to you, believe that you can it, and you shall see the reward!"



Allie Allison Marcum (Mentor 2012-2014): Allie graduated in 2015 and is now in dental school in Kentucky. Allie's advice to freshman is: "make smart friends, so you will always have people to study with and who will challenge you!"


RosettaRosetta Williams (Mentor 2012-2014): Rosetta graduated in 2015 and is in medical school at Sidney Kimmel University in Philadelphia, PA. Rosetta's advice to incoming freshmen: "take yourself seriously, but not too seriously. A B is not the end of the world!"


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