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Bootcamp Mentors 2013

KadijahKadijah Abston (Mentor 2013-2015): Kadijah graduated in 2016 and is pursuing a PhD. at the University of Rochester.



EthanEthan Collier (Mentor 2012-2014): Ethan graduated in 2015 and is in Medical School at UMMC in Jackson, MS. Ethan's advice to freshman: "keep an open mind and never be afraid to pursue your true interests."


Michael H.Michael Holland (Mentor 2013): Michael graduated in 2016.




Michael M.Michael Martella (Mentor 2013): Michael graduated in 2016.




Justin Justin Kilgore (Mentor 2013-2015): Justin is a senior originally from Memphis, TN. A former biochemistry major, he has now chosen a different path in the accounting world. Although I have changed my major, I was successful in the BISC160/162 to course and can offer many study tips and advice regarding the course.


Allie Allison Marcum (Mentor 2012-2014): Allie graduated in 2015 and is now in dental school in Kentucky. Allie's advice to freshman is: "make smart friends, so you will always have people to study with and who will challenge you!"



NicoleNicole Nammour (Mentor 2013): Nicole graduated in 2016 and will be attending Medical School at LSU Shreveport. Her advice to freshmen is: "Learning how to manage your time early onwill make adjusting to courses much easier, don't be afraid to see your professors after class if you are confused on something, and most importantly try not to stress and enjoy your time in college because it flies by!"


AnnaGraceAnna Grace Stout (Mentor 2013-2015): Anna Grace graduated in 2016 and is headed to Medical School at UMMC in Jackson, MS.



ShelbyShelby Elisa Whitsell (Mentor 2013): Shelby graduated in 2016 with a Bachelors of Science in Communication Sciences and Disorders with a minor in Biology. She is pursuing her Masters in Speech Pathology at Ole Miss. Her advice to freshmen is: “Believe in yourself. Half the battle of BISC 160 is learning the material and the other half is not talking yourself out of correct answers on your test!” and "Don’t compare yourself to other people who don’t study and make A’s because not everyone is that person, and it’s okay!”


RosettaRosetta Williams (Mentor 2012-2014): Rosetta graduated in 2015 and is in medical school at Sidney Kimmel University in Philadelphia, PA. Rosetta's advice to incoming freshmen: "take yourself seriously, but not too seriously. A B is not the end of the world!"


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