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Bootcamp Mentors 2014

KadijahKadijah Abston (Mentor 2013-2015): Kadijah graduated in 2016 and is pursuing a PhD. at the University of Rochester.



CalebCaleb Carroll (Mentor 2014-2015): I am a senior biology major from Birmingham, AL. I am a teacher's assistant and Supplemental Instruction leader for introductory biology classes. My hobbies include serving in student government, involvement in my fraternity and playing in my local band, Ebenezer Goodman. The most important thing I've learned throughout my years at Ole Miss is to find a balance between school and extracurricular activities in order to benefit the most from both.


EthanEthan Collier (Mentor 2012-2014): Ethan graduated in 2015 and is in Medical School at UMMC in Jackson, MS. Ethan's advice to freshman: "keep an open mind and never be afraid to pursue your true interests."



TreyTrey Dickinson (Mentor 2014-2015): I am a senior biology major from Braxton, Ms planning on entering physical therapy school. I was a Bio Bootcamp participant in 2013 and a mentor in 2014 & 2015. Attending Biology Bootcamp really helped me prepare for and succeed in BISC160. My advice to incoming freshmen is to study hard, go to SI, and use your time wisely. BISC160 is really doable with the right mindset and work ethic.

PiperPiper Dunn (Mentor 2014-2015): I am a senior Biology major from Oxford, MS. I attended Biology Bootcamp in 2013, and it was a great experience. Getting to meet the professors, learn their lecture styles, and also have examples of test questions made me feel more confident that I would survive BISC160 and 162. The classes are difficult but with a good study group and a lot of hard work the outcome is more than rewarding. My tips for doing well are not to be afraid of attending professor’s office hours and go to extra study sessions regularly. 


BraxtonBraxton Dupuy (Mentor 2014-2015): Braxton is a senior Biology major with minors in Chemistry and Neuroscience and is from Columbia, MS. I hope my future school work and career are neuroscience-related; the details aren’t quite figured out yet. His advice to freshman is: "Don't get overwhelmed in the material, focus on learning rather than the grade, and everything will fall into place."


Justin Justin Kilgore (Mentor 2013-2015): Justin is a senior originally from Memphis, TN. A former biochemistry major, he has now chosen a different path in the accounting world. Although I have changed my major, I was successful in the BISC160/162 to course and can offer many study tips and advice regarding the course.


Allie Allison Marcum (Mentor 2012-2014): Allie graduated in 2015 and is now in dental school in Kentucky. Allie's advice to freshman is: "make smart friends, so you will always have people to study with and who will challenge you!"



MeganMegan Robinson (Mentor 2014): I am from Raymond, Mississippi. I graduated from Jackson Preparatory School in 2013. I am a senior at Ole Miss and I am a biology major (Pre-Med) with a minor in psychology. I decided to take Biology Bootcamp last summer because I heard from many people how hard the class was going to be. I learned what type of questions were on the test, study methods, and I had the privilege of getting to know my instructors and that made it easier to go during the year and ask questions. I also met some of my closest friends in boot camp! Outside of class I am an Ole Miss Global Ambassador, I do a lot of community service within my sorority, I attend BSU meetings, and I workout a lot and I participate in intramural sports! I am very excited to meet the new students this year and hopefully I can help them like my mentor helped me! :)


SamuelSamuel Rose (Mentor 2014-2015): I am a sophomore from Indianola Mississippi in the heart of the delta. I am majoring in biology and plan to attend medical school after college. Most of the friends I became closest with my freshman year I met in Bio Bootcamp. This is a rewarding class and you will get a lot from it. I am excited about being a mentor for Biology Bootcamp this year and can't wait to get started.


AlexAlex Spivey (Mentor 2014-2015): I am from Nashville, TN.  I am a sophomore this year and a pre-med biology major with a double minor in Spanish and neuroscience.  I participated inBiology Bootcamp last year in order to prepare myself for the upcoming semester (since I had heard pretty unanimously that BISC 160 was most likely the hardest course an incoming freshman could take).  I definitely felt like bootcamp was very helpful in preparing me for not only the material covered, but also the work load, teaching styles, and time/study management the class would require.  It was overall a great experience and also introduced me to some of my closest friends in college!


AnnaGraceAnna Grace Stout (Mentor 2013-2015): Anna Grace graduated in 2016 and is headed to Medical School at UMMC in Jackson, MS.



RosettaRosetta Williams (Mentor 2012-2014): Rosetta graduated in 2015 and is in medical school at Sidney Kimmel University in Philadelphia, PA. Rosetta's advice to incoming freshmen: "take yourself seriously, but not too seriously. A B is not the end of the world!"


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