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Welcome to Biology Bootcamp!

Biology Bootcamp is a 5-day intensive program for incoming freshman enrolled in BISC160 at Ole Miss. The program is designed to prepare you for what is expected in the first year of college.

Why participate in Bootcamp?

Many students struggle with Introductory Biology (BISC160) even if they have been 'A' students in high school. Bootcamp will provide the information and tools that you need for BISC160. It doesn't guarantee learning or a good grade. Those are up to you!

This program is modeled after a successful program at LSU ( In the LSU program, the percentage of Bootcamp students that were on-track at the end of their second year was dramatically higher than students not attending the program.

What will you get from Bootcamp?

The program will provide you with the tools you will need to be a successful student. The lectures, labs and seminars will give you a headstart on the BISC160 material. You will learn study skills that can help you in all of your classes. For the cost of the program, you will receive, your textbook for BISC160 and BISC162, a Student Response Clicker, and all of the meals. You'll also get the opportunity to meet the faculty and students already in the Department of Biology and work with an upperclassmen mentor who will be a resource the whole semester.