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Dr. Lainy Day

Dr. Lainy DayAssociate Professor
Department of Biology
The University of Mississippi

Director of Neuroscience Minor

Office: 509 Shoemaker Hall
Telephone: (662) 915-5444

Members of the Day Lab

Current Projects

Abreviated CV

Research Interests
My interest are fairly broad but are centered on understanding the evolution, function, and neuroendocrinology of brain regions involved in spatial and motor learning, principally the hippocampus and cerebellum  Currently, I am involved in three projects that revolve around steroid induced neuroplasticity in the avian cerebellum.  Click on project titles below for a full description.  I maintain an interest in non-avian vertebrate models as well.  I welcome inquiries from potential graduate students and dedicated undergraduates that have an interest in my research or related projects in behavioral neuroscience.  For further information on joining the Day lab follow this link Openings.

Royal Fly Catcher Blue Crowned Manakin


Current Projects: (click on title for more information)

Recovery of Function and Neurogenesis after Cerebellar Damage in Zebra Finch

Brain Adaptations Related To Complex Mating Displays in Manakins

The Effects of Natural Products on Motor and Cognitive Function: Do derivatives have estrogenic, stimulant, cannabinoid, or depressant like actions?

Classes Taught:
Inquiry into Life: Human Biology
Introductory Neuroscience
Advanced Neuroscience
Functional Neuroanatomy

BA, New College of Florida, Evolutionary Psychology (1992)
MA, University of Texas, Austin, Cognition and Perception (1994)
PhD. University of Texas, Austin, Behavioral Neuroscience (1999)
Postdoctoral Fellow, UC Santa Barbara, Dept. of Ecol., Evol. and Marine Biol. (2004)
Postdoctoral Fellow, UCLA, Dept. of Physiological Sciences (2006)

Selected Publications
Schlinger BA, Day LB, & Fusani L. 2008. Natural History, Behavior and Neuroendocrinology of a Tropical Bird. General and Comparative Endocrinology. 157(3), 254-258.

Day LB, Guerra M, Schlinger BA, Rothstein SI  2008. Sex differences in the effects of captivity on hippocampus size in brown-headed cowbirds (Molothrus ater obscurus). Behavioral Neuroscience, 122(3), 527-534.

Peterson RS, Fernando G, Day L, Allen TA, Chapleau JD, Menjivar J, Schlinger BA, Lee DW 2007. Aromatase expression and cell proliferation following injury of the adult zebra finch hippocampus. Developmental Neurobiology, 67(14), 1867-1878.

Day LB, Fusani L, Hernandez E, Billo, TJ, Sheldon, KS, Wise, PM, Schlinger BA 2007. Testosterone and its effects on courtship in Golden-Collared Manakins (Manacus vitellinus): Seasonal, sex, and age differences. Hormones and Behavior, 51, 69-76.

Day LB, McBroom JT, Schlinger BA 2006. Testosterone increases display behaviors but does not stimulate growth of adult plumage in male golden-collared manakins (Manacus vitellinus). Hormones and Behavior, 49, 223-232.

Day LB, Westcott DA & Olster DH 2005. Evolution of bower complexity and cerebellum size in bowerbirds.  Brain, Behavior and Evolution, 66, 62-72.