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This program, which is funded by the Provost's office, and facilitated by Information Technology, is an attempt to assist faculty who have had inadequate access to technology for curriculum development. The aim is to replace faculty members' primary computers; giving them more immediate access to--and ready capacity to create--technology resources. If you have any questions please contact the Provost's Office x5974 or the Faculty Technology Development Center at x7918, reference: TACIT.
TACIT question? E-mail us at tacit@olemiss.edu
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TACIT 2015 Deadline: December 1, 2015


Application Closed

To apply for a new computer, your old computer must have been purchased prior to January 2011.

You will be asked to include specific information about your current computer on the TACIT application form. If you are unsure how to determine the processor type, speed, and amount of RAM in your current computer, click here for instructions.

Either PC or Mac replacements can be requested. There are several options to choose from: desktop, desktop with iPad, laptop, or laptop with external monitor, keyboard, and docking accessories. Faculty who receive an iPad will be encouraged to use it in the classroom. A description of typical computer specifications is given at the Current Systems link in the above menu. By purchasing in bulk, we can receive a discount for certain models and the uniformity makes installation and service easier.


photo of imacphoto of dell computer

Apple iMac and Dell systems from TACIT 2011.