TACIT 2013 Training

As a recipient of equipment via the TACIT program, individuals also participate in specially targeted training sessions. These cover a variety of topics, each with the emphasis of providing fluency in technology skills which will enhance the teaching and learning process.

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  • General TACIT Session Training Dates: October 28 - November 1
  • Selected Topics Training Dates: November 4 - 8
  • Location: Weir Hall
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TACIT Training Itinerary

All TACIT recipients are required to attend a General TACIT training session. In addition, iPad recipients must attend an All About the iPad training session. Additional sessions on a variety of topics will also be offered. All TACIT participants are strongly encouraged to attend a minimum of three sessions total. Participants who attend a total of three TACIT sessions will receive a 32GB USB Flash Drive customized with the UM logo.

Session Descriptions

General TACIT Session - Monday through Friday, October 28 - November 1, 9:30-11am - Weir 107
All TACIT recipients are required to attend this session in which they will learn about current and upcoming Information Technology initiatives on campus. Participants will also learn about their new computers, be shown a few tips and tricks for the new computer operating systems, and be given delivery information. Refreshments will be served. (1.5 hr)

All About the iPad - Various times
If you are receiving an iPad through TACIT, you will need to attend this session. In it, you will learn about the iPad features, see recommended apps, tour Blackboard with Blackboard Mobile Learn on the iPad, and more. Participants will also learn how to give PowerPoint presentations from the iPad by connecting it to an LCD projector. You will receive your TACIT iPad at the end of this session. (1.5 hr)

Blackboard Blogs, Wikis, and Journals - Monday, November 4th, 11:00 AM - Weir 107
When used together, blog, wiki, and journal tools allow students to collaborate, share information with their classmates, and post private information seen only by the instructor. Learn more about each tool and how you can integrate them into your Blackboard course. (1 hr)

Get Your Feet Wet in WordPress - Monday, November 4th 1:00 PM - Weir 107
WordPress is a popular blog platform, but it is also being used for full website development. Many UM websites have already migrated to using WordPress, and many more are on the way. This workshop will familiarize you with the basics of WP by offering you the opportunity to test the water before jumping in. (1 hr)

Mastering the Blackboard Grade Center - Tuesday, November 5th, 12:00 PM - Weir 107
This session will cover the many features of the Blackboard Grade Center, including weighting grades, dropping lowest scores, and creating custom Grade Center views. (1 hr)

Adobe Acrobat - Tuesday, November 5th 1:00 PM - Weir 107
This seminar will cover the basics of using Adobe Acrobat to create PDF files that can be distributed across platforms without altering fonts or graphics. Participants will also learn to add form fields to PDF files. (1 hr)

Record Lectures at Your Desk- Wednesday, November 6th, 10:00 AM - Weir 107
This session will discuss best practices for incorporating all types of videos into your class, and how to record with ease. Several examples of ways other UM instructors are using video/screen capture software programs in their classrooms will also be provided during this session. (1 hr)

Advanced PowerPoint - Wednesday, November 6th, 11:00 AM - Weir 107
In this session, participants will learn to create custom backgrounds and slide layouts, insert movie and sound files, create custom animations, and more. (1 hr)

Tips for Successful Online Testing - Wednesday, November 6th, 12:00 PM - Weir 107
Instructors will learn how to create online tests and surveys using the Test Manager and Pool Manager features. Tips for successful test deployment will also be given. (1 hr)

Security Awareness - Wednesday, November 6th, 1:30 PM - Weir 107
This seminar is for employees who deal with sensitive information such as grades, financial aid, payroll, and other personal student or employee data, including social security numbers. The session will describe the ways in which sensitive information can be compromised and what you can do to protect your computer and related devices. Note: Security training is required every two years for all SAP GUI users. (1.5 hr)

Keynote: An Alternative to PowerPoint for Mac Users - Wednesday, November 6th, 1:30 PM - Weir 104
Frustrated with PowerPoint? Learn to use Keynote to create stunning presentations and dynamic educational material. (1.5 hr)

Keynote: An Alternative to PowerPoint for Mac Users - Thursday, November 7th, 9:30 AM - Weir 104
Frustrated with PowerPoint? Learn to use Keynote to create stunning presentations and dynamic educational material. (1.5 hr)

UM Box and Vault - Thursday, November 7th, 11:00 AM - Weir 107
This training session will introduce UM Box for cloud storage and collaboration. Attendees will learn how to login to Box, navigate the Box web site and share folders and files. The BoxEdit and BoxSync applications will also be covered. Participants will also learn how to obtain additional email storage using Vault. (1 hr)

Self & Peer Assessment in Blackboard - Thursday, November 7th, 1:00 PM - Weir 107
The Self and Peer Assessment tool in Blackboard allows instructors to create exercises composed of one or more questions, each with one or more criteria (i.e., a rubric). Students complete the questions and use the criteria to evaluate their answers and those of their peers. Participants will learn to develop and deploy exercises that use the Self & Peer Assessment tool. (1 hr)

Make Your Documents Accessible to People of All Abilities and Disabilities - Thursday, November 7th, 2:30 PM - Weir 107
Creating Documents in MS Powerpoint, MS Word and Adobe PDF that can be used by all types of users. (1 hr)

Tips, Tricks, and Shortcuts (Mac Users) - Friday, November 8th, 10:00 AM - Weir 104
Want to learn tips, tricks, and shortcuts to make your life easier and more productive? Then come to this workshop. We'll be presenting ways to speed up common tasks using a combination of keyboard shortcuts and helpful tips. (1 hr)

Using Rubrics in Blackboard - Friday, November 8th, 11:00 AM - Weir 107
This workshop introduces the Rubrics feature in Blackboard, which can be used to objectively evaluate and grade student work through Blackboard, as well as provide concrete grading criteria to students. (30 min)

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