Records Retention Policy



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The Dean of Liberal Arts is the official repository for documents shown below. The department is responsible for retaining the official copy of a record and serve as the department responsible for the development, maintenance, retention and destruction of records. Records are retained as specified by UM, IHL, State, Federal or outside entity guidelines. Departmental records are retained at the discretion of the department but are encouraged to follow the guidelines outlined in order to reduce labor and save space.


The following files/records are retained on a permanent basis:

Bioinformatics, C & P Minutes,  Chair Reviews, Citations, Degree Applications, Distinguished Faculty Fellowships, Endowed Faculty Appointments, Endowments, Faculty Activity Reports, Faculty Development, Liberal Arts Scholarships, Non-tenure/post-tenure reviews, Student Problems, Summer Research Grants, Teacher Awards, Tenure and Promotion Guidelines, Ventress Order

Departmental Unofficial Copy

The following files/records are retained for 5 years:

Lapsed Salaries


The following files/records are retained for 3 years:

Faculty Forum, Inactive Student Files


The following files/records are retained for 1 year:

American Conference of Academic Deans, Association of American Colleges and Universities, Council of College Arts and Sciences, MS Association of Colleges, MS Council of Arts and Sciences, MS Humanities Council, MS Institute of Arts and Letters, MS Valley Deans