Records Retention Policy


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The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs is the official repository for documents indicated below. They are responsible for retaining the official copy of a record and serve as the department responsible for the development, maintenance, retention and destruction of records. Records are retained as specified by UM, IHL, State, Federal or outside entity guidelines. Departmental records are retained at the discretion of the department but are encouraged to follow the guidelines outlined in order to reduce labor and save space.



The following files/records are retained for a period of 1 year after notice of no award:
Unfunded proposals

The following files/records are retained for a period of 3 years after completion of the activity or resolution of the issue:

Proposals for funded projects, IRB records, IACUC records, conflict-of-interest related records

The following files/records are retained for a period of 5 years after completion, expiration or termination of the activity:

License Agreements, Option Agreements, Inter-institutional Agreements, Patent Files, Research Disclosures, Export Control records, ITAR-related records on U.S. origin products after expiration of the State Department license or other approval, Non-disclosure Agreements, Memoranda of Understanding, Intellectual Property Sharing Agreements, Material Transfer Agreements, Consulting Agreements, Teaming Agreements


Fiscal Documents: see Procurement