Records Retention Policy


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The Procurement Office (Purchasing, Accounts Payable, Receiving, Property Control, Travel) is the official repository for documents shown below. The department is responsible for retaining the official copy of a record and serve as the department responsible for the development, maintenance, retention and destruction of records. Records are retained as specified by UM, IHL, State, Federal or outside entity guidelines. Departmental records are retained at the discretion of the department but are encouraged to follow the guidelines outlined in order to reduce labor and save space.


The following files are retained on a permanent basis:

Cash Disbursements Journals, Department Equipment Valuation Ledger, Equipment Inventory Cards, Equipment Inventory List, General Correspondence, Equipment Report Sheets (Dept), Property Control Cards, Report Forms – State Budget Commission, Affidavits, Loan Forms, Transfers

Departmental Unofficial Copy

The following files are retained for 7 years:

Bid Files, Cash Disbursement Voucher, Checks (Cancelled), Purchase Orders, Check Registers, Credit Card Charges, Daily Billing of Postage to Departments, Departmental And Vendor Purchase Order Copy, Equipment Transfer Ledger – Between Departments, Invoices, Mail Service Cards For Monthly Billings, Property Salvage Forms, Purchase Orders, Purchase Requisitions, Quotations, Receipts, Receiving Reports, Remittance Vouchers Equipment Disposal, Salvage Reports, Request for Payment Forms, Travel Authorizations, Travel Reimbursements, VISA Itemized Receipts


The following records are retained for 3 years:

Automobile And Truck Tag Applications, Daily Billing Of Postage To Departments


The following records are retained for 1 year:

Campus Mail Truck ( Operation And Maintenance), Daily Posting Sheets On Chargeable Postings,  Shipment Tickets, Shipping Reports


The following records are retained for the current year:

Insurance Policies