Autumn Fern

Requiring shady conditions, Autumn Fern grows in any good forest loam and has good drought tolerance. It can withstand an hour or two of direct sun. California ratings state Autumn Fern is accepting of temperatures ranging from 109- degrees F. down to 3-degrees F. Its slow growth habit makes the plant expensive to purchase but it is well worth it. This is truly a no-maintenance plant. Plant on 12 to 18-inch centers to establish a solid ground cover. Fronds can be cut and used in vases for indoor greenery but will last only three or four days.

Propagation is by division or by spores.

Other names:Copper shield fern, shaggy shield fern, Japanese red shield fern, Japanese wood fern
Origin:Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan
Hardiness: USDAZones5-9
Light:Shade to part (morning or dappled) sun
Water use zone:Moderate after establishment
Size:18 to 24 inches tall and wide
Soil:Moist (until well established), humus rich, well-drained, slightly acid
Salt Tolerance: Slight