The Grove

"It's unusual for a university to be blessed with the amount of green space we enjoy, and it really sets the mood of this campus. Any gathering place needs to be treasured. Stewardship of the Grove is not solely the responsibility of the university, but of all who love and use it."

- Former UM Chancellor, Robert Khayat

Grove Maintenance:

Dec – Jan - Mulch leaves
- Prune trees
- Normal policing, cleaning
- Repair damaged turf
- Tree replacement
Feb – April - Aerify Grove
- Overseed with Perennial Fescue.
- Fertilize Grove with 17-17-17 (or similar)
- Start irrigation system
- Mulch tree rings
- Start mowing, edging turf
- Prune trees
- Tree replacement
May – Aug - Fertilize turf with 32-2-10, 50% slow release
- Mow, edge turf - raise mower height in warm weather
- Irrigation system monitored, repaired
Sept – Nov - Mulch leaves
- Football game preparation500 barrels and trash cans are placed in the Grove before each game and picked up after the festivities die down.
- Remove the approximately 200 cubic yards of trash after each game.
- After the last home football game we aerfiy, overseed, and fertilize (17-17-17 or similar) turf areas.

How Big are the Grove & the Circle?

The Grove -- 431,768 square feet (9.9 acres)
The Circle --- 149,756 square feet (3.4 acres)

How much does the Grove and Circle cost?

The total for the Grove is $2.8 million.
The total for the Circle is $1.3 million.
Total appraised value for both areas is approx $4.1 million.

What kind of grass is used in the Grove?

Spreading Rebel Supreme in The CircleThere are several types of grass in the Grove. The one most asked about is most noticeable in the early spring and has a very light green color. This is tall fescue. Generally, Landscape Services uses a tall fescue blend that can handle the deep shade of the Grove as well as the hot summer heat. Although tall fescue is a cool season grass and does great in the spring and fall, it does a fair job in deep shade if kept moist during the summer. Also, Bermuda 419 is used in full sun areas in the Grove. Rebel Supreme - Tall Fescue Blend

How do you get the Grove's grass to look so nice?

Loading 'The Hollow' with Rebel SupremeThe key to growing good grass is to understand the environment you're working in and match the best grass to meet the need. It is extremely difficult to grow turf grass in deep shade for more than one season. Cool season grasses such as tall fescue can tolerate shade, but do not do well under high foot traffic, such as tailgating, nor does it like dry, hot Mississippi heat. An automated irrigation system is vital to providing moisture to the turf and trees in the Grove during the warm season months. Generally, the Grove is aeirifed, seeded, and fertilized (13-13-13) the week after the last home football game. Ideally, this process would occur in fall during September or October when night time temperatures drop into the 60's. Another round of over seeding is needed again in the spring during February or March along with an application.

Why is synthetic turf used in front of the Grove stage?

For years the Landscape Services staff has been battling to keep this very high traffic area in peak condition. Since this area is in continuous use and its appearance was suffering the decision was make to use synthetic turf. This decision has allowed the popular spot to remain open year round without regular maintenance.

Does vehicular traffic damage the Grove?

Yes, vehicular traffic can cause soil compaction and root damage which is not healthy for the trees. Click here to read more about tree compaction.

“We do our fair share of tailgating, but we also take care of our part when it comes to cleanup.”

- Garbage in the Grove: A Saturday disappearing act | by Dwight Garner

The Architects Responsible for The Grove

Grove Cam

Campus map of Grove

Grove reservations:
Contact Central Ticket Office, 662-915-7411.