John Deere Zero-Turn Propane Mower

Landscape Services at Ole Miss implements 2 John Deere Zero-Turn Propane Mowers along side our regular mowers. These mowers are EPA certified and are designed to reduce carbon footprints, lower fuel system maintenance and reduce fuel costs up to 30%. Propane is commonly available (over 88% of the propane used in the USA comes from USA sources.)

Propane has proven to be dependable, safe, economical and clean burning fuel. Propane extends the engine life of equipment due to its low carbon and contamination characteristics. It has been documented that an engine life can last 2 to 3 times longer than engine that runs on gasoline.

In addition to cost savings, we are running "Tweels," which are airless tires that help alleviate soil compaction. The "Tweel" tires will last longer than regular tires and are seen to be safer because they can't blow out.