What others are saying about the beauty of Ole Miss

field guide"Throughout the seasons there are flowers. In the spring, there are thousands of tulips and daffodils, and later, there are roses and hydrangeas. In the summer there are butterfly gardens. In the fall, maples and oaks and hickories turn vibrant colors. Every entrance to the campus is landscaped and is a focal point. The beauty begins when you first enter the campus."

- Beautiful Ole Miss: Oxford's beloved campus earned the reputation as the nation's most picturesque campus | by Margaret Gratz | Mississippi Magazine Field Guide

"THIS CAMPUS IS GORGEOUS. This campus is like none other. This is one of the nicest college campuses in the country." - John Calipari, Head Coach, Kentucky Basketball

"Anyone that has visited Ole Miss in Oxford, MS certainly couldn't disagree with the head coach about the importance of actually having a recruit visit the beautiful campus. Ole Miss is a truly unique place among the myriad of colleges and universities in today's higher education landscape. The school and town of Oxford have a great deal to offer students, and families quickly fall in love with the total package at Ole Miss."

- Ole Miss Football Recruiting: How Hugh Freeze Landed Historic Class | by Seph Anderson

"Starting with The Grove, it's one of the top tailgating scenes nationally and an attractive 10 acres shaded by oak, magnolia and elm trees. A simple drive around the stadium, situated in a hilly locale, is worth the price of admission to a game."

"At one point along the elevated Taylor Road, a glance to the right offers a look inside the football venue. A glance to the left offers a spectacular view down to baseball's Swayze Field, as designers of Ole Miss took full advantage of the region's breathtaking terrain."

- Ole Miss home to more than just Mannings | by Brent Zwerneman

"The closer you get to Ole Miss, the greener the grass and the taller the trees. The campus of The University of Mississippi, which welcomed its first class in 1848, has been ranked by many publications as one of the most beautiful college campuses in the country."

"Its roads and walkways are lined with vibrant oak, elm, magnolia and pine trees. Its old stone and brick buildings are accented with classic details quintessential of a traditional southern university."

- Tailgating the southern way: A taste of game day at The Grove at Ole Miss | by Meredith Rainey

"Leaving the Oxford Square and heading a couple of minutes onto the actual Ole Miss campus, situated in University, MS, one will quickly be blown away by the sheer beauty of the landscape, architecture, decor and of course a student body that looks like they came straight out of a J Crew catalog."

"For one of the smaller schools in the SEC, Ole Miss' landscaping beauty and appeal can hold it's own with any of it's conference competitors across the southeast. Not too long ago, Newsweek actually tabbed Ole Miss the "Most Beautiful" campus in the United States."

- Ole Miss Wins Recruits, Families with Oxford, Grove and Much More | by Seph Anderson

"On a recent Saturday morning in early fall, as the Rebels were preparing to play the University of Georgia Bulldogs, the place to be in Oxford, as it is before and after every home game, was the Grove, the legendary 10-acre tailgating lawn at the center of the Ole Miss campus. This is a sight to see, almost certainly the most convivial landscape in college athletics. A sea of tents in red and blue, the Ole Miss colors, are packed tightly among mature oak, magnolia and elm trees."

- Of Parties, Prose and Football | by Dwight Garner

"The glory of the Grove is legend at all of Ole Miss’s rival schools in the Southeastern Conference and beyond. It is the mother and mistress of outdoor ritual mayhem."

- At Ole Miss, the Tailgaters Never Lose | by William L. Hamilton

"'Sometimes, as we grow, new facilities reduce the acreage of the campus and thus the need for landscaping labor. Other times expansion necessitates a higher level of maintenance and care for the campus.' Sparks also said that, despite the challenges, the work Landscape Services does is 'vital to the environment of the university.' 'I definitely think the aesthetic of the university fosters a better learning environment,' he said. 'When we are recruiting students, we know that if we can get them on campus we will have made up their mind. It’s a place students want to learn and live.'"

- Landscape Services keeps Ole Miss ‘America’s Most Beautiful Campus’ | Adam Flaherty

"The eye appeal that grabs visitors to the University of Mississippi campus is more than a nicety: It's vital to every aspect of the institution's aspirations."

- Ole Miss landscaping director aims for 'wow' factor | by Errol Castens

"I appreciate you showing up. We are very excited. Today’s come and it’s been a long road but we’re very happy about the signatures we got. I want to thank a few people before we get going. First of all, I really want to thank our university. I want to start with our chancellor. If you look at this campus, one of the things that moms and student-athletes talked about in every living room was the beauty of our campus. I hate that he is retiring. He’s just done an awesome job of laying everything out for us and I appreciate him."

- Former Ole Miss head football coach Houston Nutt at Signing Day Press Conference (2009)

"There is no more beautiful spot to tailgate, nor one richer in tradition; the Grove has been the site of pregame picnicking for more than half a century."
- Best Tailgating | by Glenn Kaplan, ESPN