How much money is spent maintaining campus landscape?

Ole Miss Landscape Services participated in a Grounds Cost Survey from the University of South Carolina several years ago. The results of this survey show that Ole Miss ranks well in having a very low cost per acre in grounds maintenance among other universities that participated in the survey. On an average Ole Miss spent $1,089 per acre/year the lowest in the State of Mississippi that were surveyed.

* FTEs = Full Time Employees
Institution Annual Grounds Budget # FTEs # Acres # Sq. Ft. Cost/Acre
U of Tenn$1,843,000.002655023,958,000$3,351.00
U of South Carolina$910,446.002640017,424,000$2,276.00
App St Univ$1,299,688.003130013,068,000$4,332.00
W. Kentucky University$943,000.00212008,712,000$4,715.00
U of Alabama-Huntsville$495,510.001128012,196,800$1,770.00
Florida State University$1,718,068.008045019,602,000$3,817.00
Georgia Tech$2,025,500.005141017,859,600$4,940.00
East Carolina University$498,210.006146520,255,400-
U of Southern Miss$640,223.001923810,367,280$2,690.00
U of Georgia$1,966,250.009560526,353,800$3,250.00
Miss State Univ.$2,074,536.0033120052,272,000$1,729.00
U of Richmond$1,164,000.002039016,988,400$2,985.00
Eastern Kentucky Univ.$644,000.002665028,314,000$991.00
U of Mississippi$1,089,662.0024100043,560,000$1,089.00
U of Florida$786,000.0097200087,120,000$393.00
U of Memphis$1,000,000.003030013,068,000$3,333.00
Duke University$2,300,000.006162827,355,680$3,662.00
West Virginia University$1,617,146.004554523,740,200$2,967.00