Integrated Pest Management

Once a rural community, Oxford is rapidly transforming into an urban center. The land where wildlife resides is becoming smaller as our community expands. Because their food source is shrinking, deer and other animals venture to the city in search of sustenance. This presents problems for the community; deer frequently cause car accidents and destroy landscaped areas as they forage. Landscape Services has invested in organic and humane repellents to deter deer from the University of Mississippi campus.

Irish Spring® Soap

  • Deer rely on their olfactory senses to detect predators. Irish Spring® creates a scent barrier, jamming the receptors deer use to perceive threats. Deer will not remain in the area for more than a few minutes before moving on to an area clear of these barriers.
  • Bars of soap are chopped into small blocks and distributed in flower beds across campus. The soap gradually dissolves with rain and irrigation and must be replaced often, but is safe for the environment and the deer

Shake Away®

  • These tiny granules of crystallized coyote urine utilize one of the greatest deer deterrents—instinctive fear. Coyotes are predators and deer instinctively avoid areas where they believe danger is lurking.
  • Shake Away® is organic, safe for children and animals, and deters deer, raccoons, and armadillos for up to a month.

Havahart® Deer Away

  • Ideal for flower beds and other landscaped areas, Deer Away repels deer by scent and taste. It lasts for two to three months and its active ingredient is rotten eggs. Though it is odorless to humans, Deer Away is repulsive to deer and rabbits.
  • This product is EPA registered and made in the U.S.A.

Sluggo® Slug and Snail Bait

  • Sluggo® is an iron phosphate blend that attracts snails and slugs. When spread into infested areas it acts as bait. Pests eat the product and are rendered immobile, which immediately begins protecting plants.
  • This product remains active even after irrigation and rain, is 100% biodegradable, and any bait not eaten becomes part of the soil.