Ole Miss is a growing and changing campus.  With each new building, roadway and change to the campus, it brings about its own set of challenges.  At Ole Miss, we value our beautiful campus and the investment made in the development of the unique green spaces.  Landscape Services works diligently with Facilities Planning, Physical Plant and contractors to deepen the appreciation and value of the significant role our trees play to our Ole Miss campus.

All attempts are made to save trees on campus.  In a construction zone, Landscape Services requires protective fencing and other measures to keep a tree healthy during construction.  When trees must be removed due to construction, the tree may be a candidate for transplanting.   If it is determined the chances of survival for the tree are good, it may be relocated and planted on campus.  If the tree is too large and deemed it cannot survive a move, it may be repurposed in several different manners.  The tree may be used as unique wood products such as frames, bookends, even tables, etc. If the tree is not suitable for a wood product it will be made into hardwood mulch and reused on the Ole Miss campus.   Over time the tree mulch will turn into a nice compost giving value to the existing landscaping and keeping the cycle of life going at Ole Miss.