Water Barrel

Landscape Services began its green efforts with the creation of a rain barrel. This barrel collects rainwater to be used at various locations on campus. Collecting rainwater in the summertime proved difficult because it is such a dry season in this region. Landscape Technician Shea Baird noticed how much condensation drained from the Landscape shop's air conditioning unit and created a way to harness this resource. The design for the original rain barrel was altered, and the changes allow the new water barrel to capture 50 gallons or more of free water every day. This water is used to maintain the university's landscape and saves money on the cost of water during the summer months. The 30 gallon barrel is designed with a series of tubes that send the water from the air conditioning unit to a faucet, where it drains into the barrel. The total cost of materials was about $15 and it has paid for itself many times over. It is estimated that 3,000 gallons of water were captured the first summer it was used.