Chinese Yew

Scientific Name: Podocarpus macrophyllus makii

Common Name: Chinese yew, Japanese yew , Shrubby yew podocarpus
Leaves: Come out all the way around the stem. 1 - 3" long and less than 1/8" wide. Dark green and pointed at the end. Very fine textured plant. The leaves are strap-shaped, 6–12 cm long, and about 1 cm broad, with a central midrib. The cones are borne on a short stem, and have 2-4 scales, usually only one (sometimes two) fertile, each fertile scale bearing a single apical seed 10–15 mm. When mature, the scales swell up and become reddish purple, fleshy and berry-like, 10–20 mm long; they are then eaten by birds, which disperse the seeds in their droppings.
Other: Grows 6 -12' tall and 2 - 3' wide. Very tolerant of dense shade. Will not tolerate wet feet. Gymnosperm. Zone 7-10.