Instructions for a Bomb Threat

NOTE: The type, severity, reactions, and impact of an incident are not always the same. The information provided below is some suggested actions to take. This may or may not be everything you should or should not do as your actions may vary depending on the incident.

This brochure from Homeland Security provides a thorough set of instructions.

Beginning or During

Telephone threat received in an office:

  • Receiver of call should obtain as much information as possible. Complete the Bomb Threat Checklist on the brochure from Homeland Security.
  • If another person is in the office, develop a signal to alert that person to listen in on the call. Have that person call the UPD.
  • Remain calm. Pay attention to what is being said and how it is said. Any background noises or sounds?
  • Notify the building mayor immediately and finish the Bomb Threat Checklist. If you cannot find the mayor or the administrative assistant, ask a member of the office staff to assist you in finding the administrator or designee in charge. Do not tell anyone else. The building mayor or their designee will take charge and make the appropriate telephone calls.
  • Remain available to answer questions.

Bomb threats made by mail or e-mail:

  • Do not destroy any evidence.
  • Contact UPD immediately at 4-911
  • Report receipt of the email to the building mayor and no one else.
  • Remain available to answer questions.


  • Write down any additional information that you can remember
  • Make a copy of the report for the UPD
  • Notify your immediate supervisor