Terrorist / Weapon of Mass Destruction

NOTE: The type, severity, reactions, and impact of an incident are not always the same. The information provided below is some suggested actions to take. This may or may not be everything you should or should not do as your actions may vary depending on the incident.


  • Be alert and aware of your surroundings. Report anything suspicious.
  • Know the emergency exits of your residence halls and place of employment.
  • Keep your emergency response kit(s) at your residence, vehicle and place of employment.
  • Do not open mail which looks suspicious (i.e. excessive postage, unknown origin, overseas return address)

Beginning or During

  • Never rush into a suspected terrorist event. You probably will not know what agent has been released. Do not become a victim!
  • Decrease your time, increase distance and shielding from the suspected incident.
  • If you are exposed to an agent, do not flee the scene, you may expose others.
  • If an emergency responder (police/fire/ambulance) directs you to do something, do it immediately
  • If you are a victim of a terrorist incident, expect to undergo decontamination on scene. This will probably involve the fire department using water to wash you down.
  • Do not try to enter the scene from a safe location to help affected individuals. You may become a victim yourself.


  • Report any suspicious activity to law enforcement.
  • Remember, some of the victims may actually be suspects.