Medical Emergency

NOTE: The type, severity, reactions, and impact of an incident are not always the same. The information provided below is some suggested actions to take. This may or may not be everything you should or should not do as your actions may vary depending on the incident.


In the event of anyone being injured or becoming ill, the following guidelines are to be followed:

  • Watch for potential hazard or situations where a person could become injured.
  • Report the hazards or situation to the building mayor.
  • In the case of an inside the classroom emergency, faculty should immediately contact UPD or call 4911.

Beginning or During

  • The type emergency will dictate what actions are to be taken by an employee or student.
  • Immediately report life threatening emergencies to E-911 service by dialing 911 or 9-911and giving the operator the requested information.
  • Try to keep the person calm and let them know help is on the way.
  • Situations that are not life threatening should be reported to the Campus Police by dialing 4911.
  • In addition to the dean or supervisor, the appropriate Vice Chancellor responsible for the office or area effected should be notified immediately after the situation is under control. ┬áIf a faculty member is affected - contact the Provost; if a student is affected - contact the Dean of Students; if a staff member is affected - contact the Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance; if a researcher staff or faculty member is affected - contact the Vice Chancellor for Research and Sponsored Programs.
  • University Police will coordinate site needs with the Oxford Fire Department and/or the Lafayette County Emergency Management Services (EMS).
  • Move out of the way once emergency personnel are on site.


The University will make appropriate notifications following medical emergencies or incidents.