Suspicious Mail or Packages

NOTE: The type, severity, reactions, and impact of an incident are not always the same. The information provided below is some suggested actions to take. This may or may not be everything you should or should not do as your actions may vary depending on the incident.

Beginning or During

  • Should a suspicious piece of mail or package be delivered, the individual receiving the mail or package should immediately call the University Police Department (4911), tell immediate supervisor, and inform the building mayor.
  • Under no circumstances should the mail or package be handled or opened. Police or other emergency personnel will determine what steps to take.
  • All persons handling the package or mail should be identified. If a communicable substance is believed to be involved, all individuals who have been in the vicinity of the mail or package should be identified and isolated. It is also necessary to identify individuals who may have had contact with these individuals after exposure to the mail or package and isolate them.
  • The University Police Department or other emergency personnel will make the decision regarding evacuation of the building.