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TACIT Logistics

  1. Applications are reviewed and approved by committee. The review committee is established by the Provost's office.
  2. Totals based on specific configurations will be generated from committee approved applications.
  3. TACIT is designed to facilitate one major shipment/order per platform (PC and MAC). However, this may not be feasible due to late applications and other extenuating circumstances. To address this, we are coordinating with the Provost office to hold all late requests until a nominally sized (10-15) order of systems is reached.
  4. Purchase Requisitions issued to Purchasing Department from the Provost Office (Ginger Harrell). There will most likely be several Requisitions submitted including:
    1. Dell (Desktop and Laptop Configurations)
    2. Apple (Desktop and Laptop Configurations)
    3. Unknown vendor for miscellaneous peripherals
  5. The Purchasing Department will issue a Purchase Order to indicated vendors for equipment.
  6. The Department of Information Technology will receive and have on hand a copy of all Purchase Requisitions and Purchase Orders associated with the TACIT program. A TACIT representative will accommodate this information.
  7. Shipments will be made to Physical Plant/Central Receiving where all computers will receive a UM property tag. Receiving will then deliver the computers to a TACIT representative in Weir Hall.
  8. TACIT representatives will need to have on hand all pertinent information (Name of Recipient, Room Number, Building, Contact Telephone Number, and Department of Recipient) to make the process flow easily. We should have a serial number already associated with the recipient.
  9. There will be several TACIT training sessions for the faculty who are receiving the equipment. Once the sessions are over, the delivery process will take place. The proposed solution is to deliver all equipment at one time or during a specific (short) period of time to the appropriate locations and to have the recipient or a representative of the recipient sign for equipment. A copy of all signed forms will be forwarded to Property Control. Unless there are extenuating circumstances, the equipment will be placed on the TACIT award receiving department's inventory at this time. In the event the recipient or a representative of the recipient is not available at attempted time of delivery, it will be the responsibility of the recipient to schedule a time when he/she can come to Weir Hall to pick up his equipment. The TACIT team will only attempt a delivery once due to the high volume of equipment to be distributed. The contact for such a request must be made through the Faculty Technology Development Center. The FTDC can be reached at (662) 915-7918.
  10. After the delivery of equipment takes place, calls will be logged into the Call Tracking System to have each set up and data transferred as needed by recipient on an individual basis.
  11. If any equipment returns are necessary due to hardware failure, IT will contact the vender to receive an RMA. IT will coordinate with Central Receiving to complete the return.